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(edit) @17523 [17523] 11 years oranfry dont compile search4j and pass param to make-concrete task
(edit) @17422 [17422] 11 years oranfry made the create-components targets more stable
(edit) @17345 [17345] 11 years oranfry use the shared target for setting version numbers
(edit) @17268 [17268] 11 years oranfry compile search4j in release process and started standardising java …
(edit) @17257 [17257] 11 years oranfry added the uninstaller to all release kits
(edit) @17243 [17243] 11 years oranfry have lirk2 include the uninstaller
(edit) @16736 [16736] 12 years oranfry changes to lirk3 after ant hack cleaned up
(edit) @16684 [16684] 12 years oranfry getting rid of unneeded if wrappers to each target as hacked ant now takes …
(edit) @16622 [16622] 12 years oranfry changes to lirk3 after gs2build project created in the repository
(edit) @16172 [16172] 12 years oranfry made lirk3 work under the new shared code scheme
(edit) @15142 [15142] 12 years oranfry changes to the wrapper and installer logic, and a few changes to init and …
(add) @14982 [14982] 12 years oranfry initial import of LiRK3
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