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(edit) @17631 [17631] 11 years oranfry new binary that doesn't create the installer directory at startup, will …
(edit) @17368 [17368] 11 years oranfry show helpful error message instead of crashing
(edit) @17339 [17339] 11 years oranfry make sure we copile gli with the version numbers changed, and properly …
(edit) @17048 [17048] 12 years oranfry making --help an alias for -help
(edit) @17045 [17045] 12 years oranfry put the help screen into wirk3, after all it is documented as being there
(edit) @16930 [16930] 12 years oranfry dont overwrite startmenu shortcuts for repeat installs unless they are …
(edit) @16775 [16775] 12 years oranfry first fixes to wirk
(edit) @16750 [16750] 12 years oranfry leave these options to ant now
(edit) @16631 [16631] 12 years oranfry changes afer splitting gsdl into common, build and runtime
(edit) @16198 [16198] 12 years oranfry made wirk3 work with the new shared code scheme
(edit) @16078 [16078] 12 years oranfry corrections to the splitting and joining scheme, and a few fixes to make …
(edit) @15691 [15691] 12 years oranfry changes to the ant scripts to accompany the changes in the wrapper and jar …
(edit) @15356 [15356] 12 years oranfry a few fixes to wirk3
(edit) @15095 [15095] 12 years oranfry checking in a few weeks work on wirk3
(add) @15023 [15023] 12 years oranfry did the bulk of the work on wirk3
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