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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Severity Resolution
#344 global block tidy up. kjdon enhancement high major --

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Severity Resolution
#528 get non-images out of images nobody enhancement moderate enhancement fixed
#568 incremental metadata davidb defect moderate minor fixed

Status: new (18 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Severity Resolution
#319 multilingual metadata nobody enhancement high enhancement --
#332 and almost identical kjdon task high enhancement --
#506 more security for admin pages nobody defect high critical --
#128 Build empty collection on windows problem nobody defect moderate minor --
#201 Zettair nobody task moderate enhancement --
#295 Remote GSDL must get client-side imported files when these have been edited in external app (replace_srcdoc_with_html) ak19 task moderate enhancement --
#408 search result sorting-lucene nobody enhancement moderate enhancement --
#413 GLI update for remote greenstone server nobody feature moderate enhancement --
#496 authenticate administration page kjdon enhancement moderate enhancement --
#106 Groupsize problem nobody defect low minor --
#111 Segmentation and the space character nobody defect low minor --
#297 Incremental import using OIDtype incremental nobody enhancement low enhancement --
#298 No-OID-conflict flag for import nobody feature low enhancement --
#307 Hardcoded Prev/Next page buttons for paged document nobody defect low enhancement --
#368 Ghostscript on windows nobody task low enhancement --
#387 Modifying plugin arguments nobody feature low enhancement --
#445 image collections affecting pagedimg collections nobody defect low minor --
#544 Replacing GSDLHOME var in gsdlsite.cfg on Windows ak19 defect low trivial --
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