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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Severity Resolution
#383 collection specific cgi-args kjdon feature moderate enhancement --
#480 get rid of LOCAL_LIBRARY=1 from top level win32.mak? kjdon annoyingness low minor --

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Severity Resolution
#402 mgpp default level nobody defect moderate minor fixed

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Severity Resolution
#20 Win Server 2003 and IIS 6.0 nobody defect moderate minor --
#21 Punctuation in search queries nobody defect moderate major --
#27 mg accumulator problems nobody defect moderate minor --
#36 Detect absent XML::Parser nobody enhancement moderate minor --
#51 Local library network address nobody enhancement moderate enhancement --
#69 Unicode at start of macro files nobody enhancement high minor --
#204 Valid XHTML nobody defect moderate minor --
#354 Lucene doesn't work with IIS nobody defect moderate major --
#359 CJK character segmentation nobody enhancement low enhancement --
#398 MGPP document output nobody defect moderate minor --
#418 ifl arg changes display nobody defect low minor --
#420 depositor in local library nobody defect moderate minor --
#423 missing usage.txt nobody defect low minor --
#491 textual interface looks yuck nobody defect moderate minor --
#512 dodgy text_t functions kjdon defect moderate major --
#561 accessing subcollection metadata kjdon defect moderate major --
#614 regex in conditional format statement nobody feature moderate enhancement --
#622 group cross coll searching nobody feature moderate major --
#636 legacy options in URLs nobody defect low major --
#645 restricting access to pdf documents nobody enhancement moderate enhancement --
#668 customising document _pagetitle_ nobody enhancement moderate major --
#679 li tags in DocumentVList nobody enhancement moderate enhancement --
#694 browsing through a classifier nobody feature moderate major --
#718 improved goto form nobody enhancement moderate enhancement --
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