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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Severity Resolution
#895 user comments for greenstone 3 ak19 enhancement moderate enhancement fixed
#917 issue web editor incremental build nobody defect moderate major fixed
#925 cross collection searching nobody defect moderate minor fixed
#947 Lucene index file locking fix ak19 defect moderate major fixed

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Severity Resolution
#837 Per-site user databases sjm84 task high major --
#724 Optimizations for gs_ajax_utils.js zcarter enhancement moderate enhancement --
#743 Client-side XSLT sjm84 task moderate major --
#771 Admin Tool nobody task moderate major --
#815 Password Reset sjm84 task moderate major --
#816 Save prefs with user accounts nobody defect moderate minor --
#878 block system commands nobody enhancement moderate enhancement --
#893 Upgrade tomcat in GS3 from 7.026 to 7.057 to work with JDK 8? nobody defect moderate enhancement --
#896 User Sessions need more investigation nobody defect moderate major --
#904 Search suggestions for solr collections using ajax Georgy feature moderate enhancement --
#913 edit metadata - disallow for internal ones kjdon enhancement moderate enhancement --
#915 changing ports in gs3-server nobody enhancement moderate enhancement --
#916 CGI module needed for document editor nobody defect moderate major --
#887 oai list sets response nobody enhancement low enhancement --
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