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#423 missing usage.txt nobody defect low Greenstone2 Runtime minor
#506 more security for admin pages nobody defect high Collection Building critical
#319 multilingual metadata nobody enhancement high Collection Building enhancement
#358 new option type for pluginfo nobody feature high GLI enhancement
#365 plugout tidy up kjdon enhancement moderate Collection Exporting enhancement
#555 refresh depositor metadata nobody defect moderate GLI major
#614 regex in conditional format statement nobody feature moderate Greenstone2 Runtime enhancement
#645 restricting access to pdf documents nobody enhancement moderate Greenstone2 Runtime enhancement
#409 reverse sort in classifiers nobody enhancement moderate Collection Building: Classifiers enhancement
#408 search result sorting-lucene nobody enhancement moderate Collection Building enhancement
#482 sqlite tar file nobody task moderate Installation minor
#491 textual interface looks yuck nobody defect moderate Greenstone2 Runtime minor
#543 tidy up windows compiling nobody defect moderate Installation major
#302 true multilingual classifiers nobody feature moderate Collection Building: Classifiers enhancement
#502 update manuals nobody task moderate Documentation enhancement
#207 wget processes started by GLI keep running on GLI crash, and more wget tasks ak19 defect moderate GLI major
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