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cgi-bin migrates to common-src\cgi-bin

Reported by: ak19 Owned by: ak19
Priority: moderate Milestone: 2.86 Release
Component: Greenstone2&3 Severity: major
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Five set of commits to do with migration of cgi-bin into common-src, so that upon make install, common-src\cgi-bin will be installed in cgi-bin\GSDLOS(GSDLARCH).

So far tested on Linux (CentOS, 32-bit): tested out that the gs2-server, GLI, remote server and oaiserver still work fine.

1. http://trac.greenstone.org/changeset/24872

After this commit (to do with the contents of the files), cgi-bin itself will be moved.

* 8 files modified in main/trunk/greenstone2/cgi-bin

gsdlCGI.pm, gliserver.pl and

metadata-server.pl, build-server.pl, experimental-ocr-server.pl, explode-server.pl, image-server.pl, index-server.pl

2. http://trac.greenstone.org/changeset/24873

SVN MOVE: Moved main/trunk/greenstone2/cgi-bin to main/trunk/greenstone2/common-src/cgi-bin

SVN ADDED common-src/cgi-bin: Makefile.in, win32.mak

3. http://trac.greenstone.org/changeset/24874

This commit involves changes to all the GS2 files that referred to cgi-bin and where this needs reference required updating to cgi-bin\OS_and_ARCH.

* 4 updated files in common-src: Makefile.in, configure, configure.in, win32.mak

* Added 2 new files to common-src/cgi-bin: Makefile.in, win32.mak

* Updated 4 toplevel files: gs2-server.sh, gs2-web-server.bat, gsicontrol.bat, gsicontrol.sh

* Updated 6 further files in runtime-src:

runtime-src/packages/apache-httpd: httpd.conf.in, windows-httpd.conf.in

runtime-src/src/oaiservr: Makefile.in, win32.mak

runtime-src/src/recpt: Makefile.in, win32.mak

* Updated 3 loose files: lib/java/server.jar, perllib/util.pm, bin/script/indexes/relation.pl

4. http://trac.greenstone.org/changeset/24875

Changes to affected references to cgi-bin in GLI. Only 1 file affected.


5. http://trac.greenstone.org/changeset/24876

Changes to GS3's Server2.java code which is also affected by the move of cgi-bin to common-src\cgi-bin (and which required changes to gs2-webserver.bat, gs2-server.sh already commited and an update to GS2's server.jar).


Change History

  Changed 8 years ago by ak19

Commit revision 24877 to 24880: to common-src/cgi-bin's Makefile.in and win32.mak:

- Linux changes were for correcting an error in some commands to delete a directory and for not ending up with the common-src\cgi-bin makefiles in the final cgi-bin directory inside GS2.

- Windows corrections and additions came after testing on Windows the recent commits to do with the cgi-bin directory having moved from the top level folder of GS2 into common-src.

  Changed 8 years ago by ak19

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  Changed 8 years ago by ak19

Tested on Linux and Windows:

- cleaning (distclean on Linux),

- compiling (configuring, make, make install on Linux),

- running the GS2 webserver (and local library server on Windows),

- running GLI for creating and building a collection of documents with metadata,

- remote Greenstone server against a GLI client used to built new remote collections and open existing ones.

- OAIServer (visited the OAIserver pages both locally and remotely).

  Changed 8 years ago by ak19

1. http://trac.greenstone.org/changeset/24901

GSDLARCH used in Linux makefiles when working out the cgi-bin path (now cgi-bin\GSDL_OS_ARCH) to install the binaries into.

- gsicontrol.sh

- common-src (4 files): Makefile.in, configure, configure.in, cgi-bin/Makefile.in

- runtime-src (6 files): Makefile.in, configure, configure.in, packages/apache-httpd/httpd.conf.in, src/oaiservr/Makefile.in, src/recpt/Makefile.in

2. http://trac.greenstone.org/changeset/24902

GSDLARCH used in Windows makefiles (and gsicontrol.bat) when working out the cgi-bin path (now cgi-bin\GSDL_OS_ARCH) to install the binaries like library.cgi and oaiserver.cgi into.

- gsicontrol.bat

- common-src/cgi-bin/win32.mak

- runtime-src: packages/apache-httpd/windows-httpd.conf.in, src/oaiservr/win32.mak, src/recpt/win32.mak

  Changed 8 years ago by ak19


Removed unnecessary quotes around path which may become a problem when concatenating

- main/trunk/greenstone2/common-src/cgi-bin/win32.mak

follow-up: ↓ 7   Changed 8 years ago by ak19

1. Older commits. The following are revision numbers for corrections to gsicontrol.bat where spaces needed to be handled (again) after the introduction of the reset-gsdlhome target.

24789, 24788, 24786, 24765, 24759

2. http://trac.greenstone.org/changeset/24904

Need quotes around collecthome in gsdlsite.cfg to handle spaces and brackets in any non-standard collecthome path.

- gsicontrol.bat

- gli/src/org/greenstone/gatherer: Gatherer.java, gui/GUIManager.java

in reply to: ↑ 6   Changed 8 years ago by ak19

The above belonged in ticket 804 instead.

  Changed 8 years ago by ak19

1. Number of required arguments changed recently with the introduction of the GSDLOS_GSDLARCH parameter, so the test for validating the number of input parameters needed to be updated as well.

http://trac.greenstone.org/changeset/24910 http://trac.greenstone.org/changeset/24911

- greenstone2/lib/java/server.jar

- main/trunk/greenstone3/src/java/org/greenstone/server/Server2.java

Also an update to the usage message to incorporate the expected GSDLOS_GSDLARCH parameter, affecting the same 2 files as above (commit revisions 24909 and 24908).

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