and .


15:49 Changeset [1656]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag …
15:49 Changeset [1655] by sjboddie
bc1aboutdesc and bc1contactemail arguments are no longer included in …
15:22 Changeset [1654] by paynter
Check .doc files to see if they are RTF files, Word 6/7/8 files that wv …
11:35 Changeset [1653] by paynter
Fixed a few bugs where incorrect variable names were used.
11:11 Changeset [1652] by jrm21
removed spurious mgpp config.h (it should all now use the toplevel …
10:48 Changeset [1651] by jrm21
depends on GSDL's config.h instead of the (erroneous (sp?)) mgpp config.h
10:39 Changeset [1650] by jrm21
added a dummy Makefile to yaz, so that make distclean and make clean work …
10:21 Changeset [1649] by sjboddie
Tidied up collectoraction some more and created an add_collection function …
10:11 Changeset [1648] by sjboddie
Added some comments about weird windows behavioural patterns


15:53 Changeset [1647] by paynter
Added phind default background image to CVS.
15:40 Changeset [1646] by paynter
Arguments for setting suffix program parameters.
15:40 Changeset [1645] by paynter
Output less verbose & more consistant with buildcol.pl
14:20 Changeset [1644] by paynter
Reverted to version 1.20 (no mention of phind).
14:03 Changeset [1643] by paynter
The phind phrase browsing interface is now a Greenstone classifier. The …


14:51 Changeset [1642] by jrm21
Redirect flex's (parse.fl) "FILE *yyout" to go to the error file, so …
13:56 Changeset [1641] by paynter
Added title to mailing list section.
12:19 Changeset [1640] by paynter
Resolve partial URLs like "phindcgi" and /cgi-bin/library" with respect to …
08:58 Changeset [1639] by cs025
Further fixes to get around bloopers in Visual C++; it wasn't resetting …
08:09 Changeset [1638] by cs025
Fundamental changes in the method of handling logs to further bypass …


15:22 Changeset [1637] by paynter
Rearranged paint function so that frequencys do not get written over by …
12:20 Changeset [1636] by paynter
Some documentation explaining how to use the applet.
12:19 Changeset [1635] by paynter
Read phrases in prefix/body/suffix form for formatted display.
12:18 Changeset [1634] by paynter
Fixed error splitting phrase into prefix/body/suffix when suffix is empty.
10:07 Changeset [1633] by paynter
Split expansion pherases into a prefix, body, and suffix (the old phind …


15:21 Changeset [1632] by sjboddie
*** empty log message ***
15:14 Changeset [1631] by paynter
Changed copyrights to include NZDLP.
15:13 Changeset [1630] by paynter
Tidy up pword.txt and pdata.txt files.
15:12 Changeset [1629] by paynter
Changed handling of cgi arguments so that a "0" now means return no …
15:11 Changeset [1628] by paynter
15:10 Changeset [1627] by paynter
The applet is now operational. Phrases work, documents work, getting new …
11:40 Changeset [1626] by paynter
Many fixes and improvements. The java applet now parses and displays both …


17:16 Changeset [1625] by paynter
Much is cghanged. Phind is now about halfway to working with XML. It can …
16:23 Changeset [1624] by sjboddie
Got POST data to work for local library
11:44 Changeset [1623] by sjboddie
minor change to one of mg's windows makefiles
11:07 Changeset [1622] by jrm21
updated history.
10:08 Changeset [1621] by paynter
The phind Java Applet client. This code is version 2.2.1 of the applet, …
09:35 Changeset [1620] by paynter
Phind makefiles and buildcol.pl altered so that phind is installed by the …
09:23 Changeset [1619] by paynter
Added an XML output mode. Fixed a bug reading the last item of the …
09:21 Changeset [1618] by paynter
Better verbosity control. Fixed bug in document numbers (suffix numbers …


19:40 Changeset [1617] by jrm21
Added some flags so we don't connect to the z-server as often as we …
19:37 Changeset [1616] by jrm21
Now makes hyperlinks for MARC field 856 (Electronic Access/Location), so …
11:28 Changeset [1615] by sjboddie
Minor change to allow collection specific receptionists to be created …


16:28 Changeset [1614] by paynter
Added support for the phind phrase browser. If a "phind" line is detected …
16:24 Changeset [1613] by paynter
A little less verbose by default.
16:20 Changeset [1612] by paynter
Made phproc a little less verbose by default.
13:20 Changeset [1611] by sjboddie
Minor bug fix
12:25 Changeset [1610] by paynter
Changed the formatstring parser in formattools so that an {If} macro …


10:30 Changeset [1609] by say1
fixed print_uage


16:35 Changeset [1608] by nzdl
Inserted an ugly hack into the Hierarchy classifier to mask a bug that's …
15:10 Changeset [1607] by jrm21
*** empty log message ***


14:33 Changeset [1606] by nzdl
Minor cosmetic changes to browsetools


22:00 Changeset [1605] by say1
fixed some of my earlier mistakes. sorry Stefan


12:35 Changeset [1604] by paynter
Numerous improvements for use with the new phindcgi script. The main ones …
12:28 Changeset [1603] by paynter
The "phind host" is no longer just a file reader, it is a cgi program. It …


20:38 Changeset [1602] by say1
metadata extraction work. (email addresses, generalised HTML tags, first N …


17:05 Changeset [1601] by jrm21
Modified makefile slightly due to gcc-2.95 problems: moved $LIBS to the …
16:50 Changeset [1600] by jrm21
Sorry - got it right this time. We needed to #define _XOPEN_SOURCE before …
16:37 Changeset [1599] by jrm21
unistd.h header (for crypt()) needs some macros defined... _XOPEN_SOURCE …
15:28 Changeset [1598] by jrm21
remove .a files during "make clean"
15:24 Changeset [1597] by jrm21
now remove libtextin.a during "make clean"


16:25 Changeset [1596] by jrm21
Fixed up appendcstr(const char *) in text_t.h


10:56 Changeset [1595]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag …
10:56 Changeset [1594] by sjboddie
Minor bug fixes to unix install script
09:27 Changeset [1593] by sjboddie
Removed INSTALL.TXT and README.TXT from CVS repository


17:07 Changeset [1592] by sjboddie
removed quotes from default home page
13:32 Changeset [1591] by paynter
Having a thesurus is now optional.
04:52 Changeset [1590] by cs025
Added testing for the existence of parent keys when a key is created; this …
04:45 Changeset [1589] by cs025
Changed exists method to avoid casting to Filetype; this also avoids …
04:44 Changeset [1588] by cs025
Changes for further tidying of logging.


18:47 Changeset [1587] by nzdl
*** empty log message ***
15:10 Changeset [1586] by sjboddie
fixed a bug in the cp_r perl routine


10:54 Changeset [1585] by jrm21
added a reference to indexdata's list of z39.50 servers to try.
06:34 Changeset [1584] by cs025
Removed messages and worked around the failure of windows 32s detection …
06:33 Changeset [1583] by cs025
Removed old messages which were unnecessary.
04:48 Changeset [1582] by cs025
Improved tolerance to odd win32s installations by checking for w32sys.dll …
04:47 Changeset [1581] by cs025
Added icon for uninstallation in the program group.
04:47 Changeset [1580] by cs025
Fixed fault in detection of success in adding items. This resulted in the …
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