and .


17:09 Changeset [11121] by mdewsnip
Updated expand_macros.pl script for super cool macro browsing, by Jens …
17:07 Changeset [11120] by jrm21
made a variable static so it doesn't clash with a symbol in mg at link …
16:49 Changeset [11119] by mdewsnip
Removed the perl path on the first line so this works out of the box on …
16:44 Changeset [11118] by jrm21
added nav_css.dm to the list of macros to be loaded
16:44 Changeset [11117] by jrm21
In the language files, renamed the _tabtext*_ macros to be called …
16:35 Changeset [11116] by jrm21
* css entry added for span.highlight (for text highlighting) * navigation …
16:09 Changeset [11115] by kjdon
had AR = @AR@, and for some reason this is no longer being resolved to ar, …
15:26 Changeset [11114] by mdewsnip
Added the UnixCrypt?.pm file into perllib/cpan/Crypt, and changed …
15:23 Changeset [11113] by mdewsnip
Pure Perl version of the crypt function, used by cgi-bin/gliserver.pl. …
15:18 Changeset [11112] by jrm21
removed extra "," for navtab() stuff
15:11 Changeset [11111] by nzdl
few changes for 2.63 release
15:06 Changeset [11110] by mdewsnip
Renamed the "gliserver" script to "gliserver.pl", for IIS.
14:59 Changeset [11109] by kjdon
changed version number to 2.63
14:54 Changeset [11108] by kjdon
changed the date for the 2.62 release - Feb 2006
14:48 Changeset [11107] by kjdon
producing the 2.63 release
14:44 Changeset [11106] by mdewsnip
Perl CGI modules for Windows, for the GLI remote building functionality.
14:24 Changeset [11105] by kjdon
fixed a bug where nested if statements would crap out if there was no …
11:42 Changeset [11104] by mdewsnip
A couple of fixes for handling resource bundles, and for handling files …
10:34 Changeset [11103] by kjdon
modified the UnknownPlug? entry to include process_extension option
09:57 Changeset [11102] by kjdon
changed the text and layout to meet Michael's high expectations


17:39 Changeset [11101] by jrm21
set the _httpbrowse$CL_ macro even for unknown classifier fields.
17:07 Changeset [11100] by davidb
removed extern "C" wrappers -- causes a problem in newer version of g++ In …
17:03 Changeset [11099] by davidb
Changes AR = ar to AR = @AR@ to be consistent with cross compiling code.
11:35 Changeset [11098] by jrm21
reflect tags moved into _optnavigationbar_ macro
09:26 Changeset [11097] by kjdon
check existence of Plugin metadata before using it, line 186


16:45 Changeset [11096] by kjdon
added in address resolution method selection to settings dialog
16:39 Changeset [11095] by jrm21
move border=1 for logos in the collection list from receptionist into …
16:07 Changeset [11094] by jrm21
move the div tags around the navigation bar into the _optnavigationbar_ …
15:30 Changeset [11093] by kjdon
redid the html files after the last changes to the xml - a few sentences …
15:29 Changeset [11092] by kjdon
removed references to Anchor, Contents, ObviousSentence?, which are no …
15:14 Changeset [11091] by kjdon
removed Contents and ObviousSentences? and Anchors
10:29 Changeset [11090] by kjdon
made all plugins that implement read() call read_block to check …
10:23 Changeset [11089] by kjdon
removed a couple of unnecessary bits of code like repeated arguments, …


17:40 Changeset [11088] by jrm21
use css to show navigation tab labels in lowercase css for document …
16:29 Changeset [11087] by mdewsnip
A few new strings for the rewritten FileQueue? code.
16:19 Changeset [11086] by mdewsnip
Added cyclic loop checking and made the Stop button work.
15:57 Changeset [11085] by mdewsnip
Slaughtered the behemoth FileQueue?.run() function. This was 500 lines of …
15:46 Changeset [11084] by mdewsnip
Was inserting nodes in the wrong place: files were being inserted before …
15:21 Changeset [11083] by mdewsnip
Some tidy ups so that the file nodes are always refreshed correctly when …
14:54 Changeset [11082] by mdewsnip
Fixed bug where exceptions would be thrown when trying to delete a …
13:30 Changeset [11081] by mdewsnip
Added new DELETE_EMPTY_DIRECTORY job type, as part of the FileQueue?
13:24 Changeset [11080] by mdewsnip
Removed the "progress" parameter from copyFile, as part of the FileQueue?
11:30 Changeset [11079] by mdewsnip
Added an "overwrite" parameter to copyFile to cause it to overwrite the …


16:59 Changeset [11078] by mdewsnip
Tidied up debug output for delete jobs.
16:20 Changeset [11077] by mdewsnip
Changed demo collection metadata.xml files to have DirectoryMetadata?
11:39 Changeset [11076] by mdewsnip
Used GProgressBars instead of JProgressBars, because they're safer when …
11:38 Changeset [11075] by mdewsnip
Ooops... forgot function for setting maximum size.
11:04 Changeset [11074] by mdewsnip
Removed the dead GBasicProgressMonitor class.
10:52 Changeset [11073] by mdewsnip
Renamed LongProgressBar? to GProgressBar, and tidied up a great deal. …
09:25 Changeset [11072] by mdewsnip
Removed this from CVS because it is a bit too specific to be in the …
09:24 Changeset [11071] by mdewsnip
Undid my previous change. This is going to be removed from CVS and put …


16:48 Changeset [11070] by mdewsnip
A much tidier Kea.pm that now also works on Windows.
16:00 Changeset [11069] by mdewsnip
Added an option to use Kea 4.0 -- this isn't included with Greenstone, but …
14:17 Changeset [11068] by mdewsnip
Hacked in a compensation for metadata_read now outputting <File> tags also …
14:06 Changeset [11067] by mdewsnip
New HTML help pages from the updated XML document (new text, no contents).
14:04 Changeset [11066] by mdewsnip
Missing a new string, and a "teh".
13:52 Changeset [11065] by mdewsnip
Removed a lot of stuff that is unnecessary now that we're no longer making …
13:50 Changeset [11064] by mdewsnip
Added some extra Break tags in preparation for removing the Anchor tags.
11:32 Changeset [11063] by mdewsnip
Catch an exception to at least allow the GLI to start up with Java 1.4.2 + …
11:13 Changeset [11062] by mdewsnip
Bugger... put the previous fix in the wrong place.
11:07 Changeset [11061] by mdewsnip
Patched over a Java 1.4.2 + GTK bug.
10:37 Changeset [11060] by mdewsnip
Fixed a problem with the CreatePane? being blank with Java 1.5.0 and the …


17:21 Changeset [11059] by mdewsnip
Made sure the import progress bar never goes beyond the maximum.
16:59 Changeset [11058] by mdewsnip
Put the "green"s back.
15:11 Changeset [11057] by mdewsnip
Added another GTI string.
15:00 Changeset [11056] by mdewsnip
Disabled greenstone.org translation by default.
13:30 Changeset [11055] by mdewsnip
Added the MIME type for MP3 files. These MIME types really need to be …
13:15 Changeset [11054] by mdewsnip
Somebody whose username is "kjdon" forgot to make equivalent changes to …
12:05 Changeset [11053] by mdewsnip
Bugger... fix to last change.
12:04 Changeset [11052] by mdewsnip
A couple of very minor changes.
11:54 Changeset [11051] by mdewsnip
Removed some unused strings from StaticStrings?.
11:12 Changeset [11050] by mdewsnip
Removed a couple more dead strings.
11:03 Changeset [11049] by mdewsnip
A few minor tidy-ups of dead code.
10:37 Changeset [11048] by mdewsnip
Replaced some "PlugIn?" with "Plugin".
10:33 Changeset [11047] by mdewsnip
Small fix to previous change.
10:31 Changeset [11046] by mdewsnip
Tidied up plugin and classifier parsing and error output.
10:15 Changeset [11045] by mdewsnip
Removed some strings that are no longer used.


16:23 Changeset [11044] by mdewsnip
The "-extract_keyphrase" and "-extract_keyphrase_options" arguments had …
16:01 Changeset [11043] by mdewsnip
No idea what this plugin does or is for, but it shouldn't be blocking …
15:31 Changeset [11042] by mdewsnip
New index files from recent changes.
15:10 Changeset [11041] by mdewsnip
Changed some section names to be the same as the screen in the GLI.
14:55 Changeset [11040] by mdewsnip
Finished the updates to the help text that Katherine did most of on …
12:51 Changeset [11039] by mdewsnip
Removed a bit of dead code.
12:39 Changeset [11038] by mdewsnip
Tidied up the look of the Design pane. Each Design pane screen now has …
11:44 Changeset [11037] by mdewsnip
Added an underline below the pane title, to make it look a little nicer.


16:00 Changeset [11036] by kjdon
changes to help for 2.63
14:55 Changeset [11035] by kjdon
got rid of Contents and Anchor headings
14:46 Changeset [11034] by kjdon
deleted CDM.XXX.Instructions and CDM.XXX.Title for all the sections of the …
14:31 Changeset [11033] by kjdon
changed the split to be horizontal, and made the contents a bit bigger
14:30 Changeset [11032] by kjdon
new class that generates a header panel for design pane sections - …
14:28 Changeset [11031] by kjdon
removed instructions, changed title to be the same string as in the …
11:19 Changeset [11030] by mdewsnip
Now removes extra spaces around the '|' (separator) characters.


12:05 Changeset [11029] by mdewsnip
Fix for '#' characters as anchor references being mistaken for comments.
11:21 Changeset [11028] by kjdon
new argument parsing means we can't have new args, so commented out the …
11:17 Changeset [11027] by kjdon
check for null metadata_element_element before doing get attribute, line …
10:12 Changeset [11026] by mdewsnip
Added greenstone.org translation.
09:22 Changeset [11025] by mdewsnip
Updates to the GLI Latvian interface, thanks to Raitis Brodezhonok (done …


11:45 Changeset [11024] by kjdon
added an entry about non-english metadata in GLI
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