and .


16:42 Changeset [29718] by ak19
Updating other affected collections after change to wvware config file …
16:37 Changeset [29717] by ak19
Updating after change to wvware config file wvHtml.xml to convert …


21:11 Changeset [29716] by ak19
Justified text in Word docs converted to html were showing up left …
20:06 Changeset [29715] by ak19
Removing accidentally committed debugging code
19:49 Changeset [29714] by ak19
Simplified by removing repetition of filelist
18:23 Changeset [29713] by ak19
Comment expanded to include all necessary args to the commandline.
16:28 Changeset [29712] by ak19
Deleting users from GTI failed because of macro variable changes for …


21:57 Changeset [29711] by ak19
Moving from using the solr jetty server to solr using the GS3 tomcat …
21:55 Changeset [29710] by ak19
Removing large chunks of commented out code ahead of changes. The …
21:34 Changeset [29709] by ak19
Renaming solr jetty server related scripts, before replacing them with the …
15:45 Changeset [29708] by ak19
15:26 Changeset [29707] by ak19
Removing windows line endings ahead of committing changes for solr …
10:01 Changeset [29706] by jts21
Fixed testing for dependencies
09:59 Changeset [29705] by jts21
Updated rpm repo script to no longer symlink noarch packages into 32- and …
09:53 Changeset [29704] by jts21
Updated pacman repo script to no longer symlink noarch packages into 32- …


17:03 Changeset [29703] by jts21
Fixed error message for invalid username
15:32 Changeset [29702] by jts21
Updated package generation readme
15:01 Changeset [29701] by jts21
Added suid program for creating Greenstone folder in user home folders, …
14:53 Changeset [29700] by jts21
Changed ReadMe? files to ReadMe?.txt (as a hint for webservers to serve them …


11:58 Changeset [29699] by jts21
Changed uri config to include path as well as domain
11:13 Changeset [29698] by jts21
Updated yum ReadMe?'s setup instructions to automatically refresh the …


17:17 Changeset [29697] by jts21
Addded ReadMe? files containing setup instructions for all package managers


13:44 Changeset [29696] by bmt11


14:30 Changeset [29695] by bmt11
Added images that I forgot to commit
14:28 Changeset [29694] by bmt11
Wind Control is now fully implemented and functioning as expected :)


15:12 Changeset [29693] by bmt11
Added slider for wind control but the black box is a bug I have no figured …


12:00 Changeset [29692] by jts21
Created script for managing RPM repo


17:26 Changeset [29691] by jts21
Created script for managing Pacman repo
11:52 Changeset [29690] by jts21
Created repos folder. This folder contains scripts for managing package …


14:27 Changeset [29689] by jts21
Example of reliably sourcing a shell script for environment variables from …
14:15 Changeset [29688] by jts21
Changes related to r29687 (moving split servlets to the main greenstone …
13:24 Changeset [29687] by jts21
Split greenstone servlets into another file (servlets.xml) which is …


11:50 Changeset [29686] by bmt11
11:12 Changeset [29685] by jts21
Added more params to gs-mkservlet, and tidied up param parsing


16:16 Changeset [29684] by jts21
Added gs-mkservlet script which creates a servlet with a valid site and …


15:53 Changeset [29683] by jts21
Added option to delete sites/interfaces
15:34 Changeset [29682] by jts21
Added gs-mkinterface.pl. Same as mksite, but for interfaces. Currently …
15:31 Changeset [29681] by jts21
Fix site template (just use the localsite config - will need to be changed …
15:30 Changeset [29680] by jts21
Fixed problems with XML parser introduced by the ordered hash change
14:50 Changeset [29679] by jts21
Switch to an Ordered Hash to stop the XML files from being scrambled
14:24 Changeset [29678] by jts21
Moved xml i/o handling to the module for simplicity of use
13:33 Changeset [29677] by jts21
Splitting up site module to allow creating sibling interface module
13:10 Changeset [29676] by jts21
Added gs-siteinfo.pl. Lists current sites. Updated site listing code to …
12:18 Changeset [29675] by jts21
Added gs-mksite.pl. Checks if a site exists, and creates new sites with a …
11:57 Changeset [29674] by jts21
Should use 'exists', not 'defined' when checking if an element exists in a …
11:51 Changeset [29673] by jts21
Moved servlet XML handling code to a module


14:49 Changeset [29672] by jts21
Added command to add a servlet. Config is given as commandline options. …
14:12 Changeset [29671] by jts21
Added ability to concatenate XML (which provides a basic way to add a …
12:22 Changeset [29670] by jts21
Added check for missing command-line arguments
12:20 Changeset [29669] by jts21
Added command to remove a servlet by name
12:09 Changeset [29668] by jts21
Tidied up command parsing
11:06 Changeset [29667] by jts21
Added ability to write to stdout (set output file to '-')


16:42 Changeset [29666] by jts21
Fixed bug in CLI commands (was assuming there to be multiple servlets)
16:36 Changeset [29665] by jts21
Added a perl script for managing the servlets XML fragment. Currently can …
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