and .


10:04 Changeset [31278] by davidb
To avoid null pointer on ids.iterator()
01:56 Changeset [31277] by davidb
Tweak to minimum value
00:04 Changeset [31276] by davidb
Min num partition guard put in


23:44 Changeset [31275] by davidb
Changes to allow gc slave nodes to work with local disk versions of …
23:30 Changeset [31274] by davidb
Need to use JSONArray no JSONObject for a multifield item
23:09 Changeset [31273] by davidb
Code moved to store fields for multilingual use using dynamic Solr fields …


09:37 Changeset [31272] by davidb
Use disk and memory to store main language RDD


14:04 Changeset [31271] by davidb
Updating of POS code to new files-per-partition paramater, plus some other …
10:36 Changeset [31270] by davidb
Changed over to repartition approach
10:30 Changeset [31269] by davidb
Some variable name changes, and printing tidy up


18:54 Changeset [31268] by davidb
Adjustments to memory allocation in response to test runs on 10% of …
18:52 Changeset [31267] by davidb
Values trialed on gsliscluster1. Rekindling idea of per-vol processing
18:51 Changeset [31266] by davidb
Rekindling of per-volume approach. Also some tweaking to verbosity debug …


02:05 Changeset [31265] by litvinovg
Fixed null pointer exception while rebuilding collection via web editor


13:47 Changeset [31264] by davidb
Switching to 'long' in counts to allow higher number representation
13:26 Changeset [31263] by davidb
Change to using long for higher word counts
01:49 Changeset [31262] by litvinovg
Add snippets to cross collection search results
00:14 Changeset [31261] by davidb
Overlooked changes from POS to lang
00:12 Changeset [31260] by davidb
Language counting


23:45 Changeset [31259] by davidb
Lambda sort had wrong boolean arg to sort descending. Now fixed
23:39 Changeset [31258] by davidb
POS Label count, similar to Whitelist word count
16:52 Changeset [31257] by davidb
Fixed typo
16:44 Changeset [31256] by davidb
Earlier check of output directory to prevent large scale processing, when …
15:37 Changeset [31255] by davidb
Changed to using lambda functions
15:29 Changeset [31254] by davidb
Experimenting with Lucene lowercase filter
14:57 Changeset [31253] by davidb
Identified a typo, and changed to being true anyway
14:15 Changeset [31252] by davidb
Support for icu-tokenize property added, plus relevant refactoring.


15:13 Changeset [31251] by davidb
Code tidy up. Timed experiment showed sorting by key with num_partitions …
15:03 Changeset [31250] by davidb
Minor mods
14:37 Changeset [31249] by kjdon
when doing highlightqueryterms we pass in the id of the document we are …
14:31 Ticket #920 (solr node content contains section heading) created by kjdon
If you do a search, then view a section of a document, you can see right …
13:30 Ticket #919 (tidy up gs3 groups) created by kjdon
When viewing a 'group' home page, the description should be that of the …
12:49 Changeset [31248] by kjdon
removed an extraneous )


20:38 Changeset [31247] by davidb
Change sort order. Pick better output directory name
18:25 Changeset [31246] by davidb
Experimenting with sorting
17:18 Changeset [31245] by davidb
Refactored so processing of words from TokenPosCount? now done by the same …
16:57 Changeset [31244] by davidb
Tidy up


17:25 Changeset [31243] by davidb
Experimenting with Lucene/Solr's ICU tokenizer
15:53 Changeset [31242] by davidb
Method name refactor


17:34 Changeset [31241] by ak19
Corrected misunderstanding on distinction between whether we're processing …
10:28 Changeset [31240] by kjdon
indented nicely in emacs. unfortunately it means the javascript code is …
10:24 Changeset [31239] by kjdon
split up the home-help-prefs template into multiple templates for ease of …
10:16 Changeset [31238] by kjdon
added option disableSearchTermHighlighting=true so the user can switch …


20:22 Changeset [31237] by ak19
Forgot to declare the GS3 OAI repository's deletion policy (Deleted Record …
19:42 Changeset [31236] by ak19
More checking of oaiinf_db: need to make sure it exists before trying to …
11:29 Changeset [31235] by davidb
More fine-grained testing to help nema setup
11:20 Changeset [31234] by davidb
More selective control of what to source/setup depending on hostname
11:12 Changeset [31233] by davidb
Changes to operate on nema as well as gsliscluster1 and gc0-9
11:11 Changeset [31232] by davidb
Hand edited version of state.json from gsliscluster1 suitable for running …


22:41 Changeset [31231] by davidb
Changes to allow SOLR to run on nodes in /hdfsd05/dbbridge/solr-ef
20:36 Changeset [31230] by ak19
Commit for GS3 server side part of OAI deletion police implementation. …
16:22 Changeset [31229] by ak19
Converting informative logger messages emitted with logger.error() into …
14:02 Changeset [31228] by davidb
Change to see if code can be made more unified. If so, then …
14:00 Changeset [31227] by davidb
Code tidy up
13:53 Changeset [31226] by davidb
Fixed bloom test for init
13:46 Changeset [31225] by davidb
Relocated bloomfilter creation to within call() method, so done on the …


23:30 Changeset [31224] by davidb
Debug added
23:28 Changeset [31223] by davidb
Exception printStackTrace
23:22 Changeset [31222] by davidb
Changed to using ClusterFileIO supporting methods
20:20 Changeset [31221] by davidb
Missing argument added in
20:18 Changeset [31220] by davidb
Use of whitelist Bloom filter added to words going into Solr index
20:12 Changeset [31219] by ak19
Forgot to add to model-collect with previous commit.
19:45 Changeset [31218] by ak19
Changes to get new perl code to work on the Mac Mountain Lion.
19:06 Changeset [31217] by ak19
Adding the new oai-inf.db files, created by rebuilding the model …
17:45 Changeset [31216] by ak19
Adding a datestamp field to the new oai-inf.db. Now the timestamp and …
17:12 Changeset [31215] by davidb
Changed back to Guava 20 API, now mvn shading allows me to have this in …
17:08 Changeset [31214] by davidb
Not needed now using mvn shading
17:08 Changeset [31213] by davidb
Tidy up
17:06 Changeset [31212] by davidb
Changed from mvn assemblhy to shadowing, which has more control
16:01 Changeset [31211] by davidb
Changing back to regular Guava classes. Looking to use maven shading to …
15:29 Changeset [31210] by ak19
Forgot to remove an extra debug statement.
15:24 Changeset [31209] by davidb
checkArgument added in
15:20 Changeset [31208] by ak19
Kathy found that the lowercased dbutil modules are not used (jdbm.pm, for …
15:10 Changeset [31207] by davidb
And some more tweaking
15:05 Changeset [31206] by davidb
More tweaking of Guava cloned code
15:01 Changeset [31205] by davidb
Next added in part of new Guava code
14:28 Changeset [31204] by davidb
Splicing in Guava verion 20 of BloomFilter? into code as own class (now …
13:57 Changeset [31203] by davidb
Use class provided stringFunnel
13:53 Changeset [31202] by davidb
Turns out Spark uses Guava 14.0 not 20.0. Additional code to fill in some …
12:08 Ticket #918 (importing archives) created by kjdon
Sometimes you may want to reimport archives files. For example, I have …
10:35 Changeset [31201] by davidb
Trigger serialization of whitelist in main program
10:35 Changeset [31200] by davidb
Better output statement
10:04 Changeset [31199] by davidb
Renaming of classname to reflect filename rename
10:03 Changeset [31198] by davidb
File renaming to make way for newer version of classes needed in the main …
10:02 Changeset [31197] by davidb
File renaming to make way for newer version of classes needed in the main …
10:01 Changeset [31196] by davidb
File renaming to make way for newer version of classes needed in the main …
10:00 Changeset [31195] by davidb
File renaming to make way for newer version of classes needed in the main …
09:51 Changeset [31194] by davidb
Serialize in and out methods added
09:32 Changeset [31193] by davidb
Peter's white-list file


22:29 Changeset [31192] by ak19
Replacing unnecessary functions and removing unused functions.
22:18 Changeset [31191] by ak19
Correction to previous commit.
21:37 Changeset [31190] by ak19
First major commit to do with the new oaiinfo db that keeps track of which …
21:28 Changeset [31189] by ak19
Corrections and cleanups ahead of major commit to do with the new oaiinfo …
21:24 Changeset [31188] by ak19
This commit is related to but not specific to the upcoming commit to do …
21:21 Changeset [31187] by ak19
Useful changes not specifically related to upcoming oaiinfo db related …
07:26 Changeset [31186] by litvinovg
Removed useless search param from previous commit
04:37 Changeset [31185] by litvinovg
Remove both s1.collection s1.group from cache in case either of them in …


14:38 Ticket #917 (issue web editor incremental build) created by kjdon
When using lucene and gdbm, the web editor cannot process the metadata …
09:21 Changeset [31184] by davidb
New provision to run different main classes in _RUN.sh; New top-level …
09:19 Changeset [31183] by davidb
Bump up to project using Java 1.8
02:03 Changeset [31182] by litvinovg
Added xslt code to search by CCS in group from group page
02:02 Changeset [31181] by litvinovg
Added java code to use groups in cross collection search


15:44 Changeset [31180] by ak19
Catalan language translations for the auxilliary module of GS2 interface. …
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