and .


23:44 Changeset [31598] by davidb
Easier to remember what to do
23:41 Changeset [31597] by davidb
Additional _s and _ss fields to help with faceting. Temporarily commented …


11:24 Ticket #926 (gsf:link in CCS format) created by kjdon
Currently gsf:link only works on single colleciton pages, not in cross …
11:22 Ticket #925 (cross collection searching) created by kjdon
Currently isn't working properly. It was taking no notice of the …
11:19 Changeset [31596] by kjdon
added code to put in source link+icon/thumb img
10:46 Changeset [31595] by kjdon
indenting it nicely in emacs


18:53 Changeset [31594] by ak19
More equalising of debugging between the gli and gs3 src code versions of …
18:38 Changeset [31593] by ak19
Porting the modifications for SafeProcess?.java from GS3 src code to GLI. …
18:20 Changeset [31592] by ak19
Removed unwanted debugging now that Windows testing of the new …
17:47 Changeset [31591] by ak19
1. SafeProcess?.CustomProcessHandler? replaces SafeProcess?.LineByLineHandler?
11:00 Changeset [31590] by ak19
Better synchronization I think. I've declared methods as synchronized, to …
10:33 Changeset [31589] by ak19
Bugfixes I think. Noticed that remove-archives-meta was removing the …
01:39 Changeset [31588] by ak19
Correcting another difference with gli version of SafeProcess?


21:19 Changeset [31587] by ak19
Changes to GS3 src SafeProcess?.java to bring it up to speed with GLI's …
21:16 Changeset [31586] by ak19
Exceptions are now no longer handled by SafeProcess? at all times, but only …
21:03 Changeset [31585] by ak19
GLI's DownloadPane?.java now also uses SafeProcess?.java when running a perl …
20:35 Changeset [31584] by ak19
Related to previous commit. Removed the old_ functions to stop and start …
20:33 Changeset [31583] by ak19
GS3ServerThread now uses SafeProcess?. And moved the code in Gatherer that …
19:15 Changeset [31582] by ak19
In place of the Input- and OutputStreamGobbler? classes, am now shifting …
19:12 Changeset [31581] by ak19
Minor changes ahead of bigger commits
19:00 Changeset [31580] by ak19
Accidentally committed a file I didn't want to.
18:58 Changeset [31579] by ak19
15:24 Changeset [31578] by ak19
Removed debugging and other minor cosmetic changes after successful …
14:48 Changeset [31577] by kjdon
changed my mind. now declaring aStr and bStr variables, cos what if the a …
14:33 Ticket #924 (Not all metadata should be editable or visible in Document Editor) created by ak19
On linux, I always added user comments to my own small test collections …
14:23 Changeset [31576] by kjdon
redo last log message: on toro (perl 5.12) it complained about 'can't use …
14:21 Changeset [31575] by kjdon
on toro (perl 5.12) it complained about 'can't use my in sort comparison' …


20:22 Changeset [31574] by ak19
Trying to correct the GS2PerlConstructor.runPerlCommand() function which …
20:16 Changeset [31573] by ak19
Commit ahead of larger changes: Misc.NEWLINE now works sets the NEWLINE …
20:13 Changeset [31572] by ak19
Minor changes ahead of more major ones. Explicitly marking …


23:23 Changeset [31571] by davidb
Simple search-all-langs feature added
23:04 Changeset [31570] by davidb
Solr-stream based search
20:14 Changeset [31569] by ak19
Initial attempt at an all-in-one class that can safely run a java process, …
19:19 Changeset [31568] by ak19
Clarifying the name of an old class
14:21 Changeset [31567] by kjdon
added in alpha_numeric_sort - copied from AZlist I think, so if metadata …
10:54 Changeset [31566] by kjdon
modified VList format statement to match default in code
10:47 Changeset [31565] by kjdon
removed CLASSIFIER_DEFAULT_FORMAT, as it is not used. default format stuff …
10:40 Changeset [31564] by kjdon
changed the classifier format statements to match the default ones in the …
10:34 Changeset [31563] by kjdon
tidied up default templates for classifiers. added a new template …
10:27 Changeset [31562] by kjdon
regenerated index.zip as I have changed titles classifier to hlist
10:22 Changeset [31561] by kjdon
small changes for classifier format statements to bring them in line with …
09:55 Changeset [31560] by kjdon
added a link on debuginfo page to skinandlibdocfinal which is the actual …


20:51 Changeset [31559] by ak19
Clean up phase for GS3 add user comments. Removed unwanted code, but only …
19:42 Changeset [31558] by ak19
1. gs.functions should not be declared as new Array() as its array …
18:33 Changeset [31557] by ak19
1. Modifying name of option to turn on usercomments feature to match GS2 …
18:15 Changeset [31556] by ak19
Adding the ability to turn on user comments from GLI. Off by default. Need …


15:32 Changeset [31555] by ak19
Bugfix to commit 31547: parameter name mismatch with parameter use broke …
12:19 Changeset [31554] by kjdon
reindented the file
12:18 Changeset [31553] by kjdon
deleted classifiertools
12:18 Changeset [31552] by kjdon
moved all templates from classifiertools to pages/classifier
12:12 Changeset [31551] by kjdon
tidying up the default classifierNode template. This gets used when there …
12:07 Changeset [31550] by kjdon
moved map and panorama templates into their own stylesheets. Note I …
11:48 Changeset [31549] by kjdon
I'm going to move map and panorama stuff out of main pages and into these …
09:55 Changeset [31548] by kjdon
need a default HList template


22:38 Changeset [31547] by ak19
1. Drastic changes to javascript-global-functions.js, specifically the …
22:15 Changeset [31546] by ak19
Minor spelling correction ahead of major commits to do with GS3 user …


20:24 Changeset [31545] by ak19
Bugfix to bad JavaScripting? ahead of upcoming commits: should have …
18:17 Changeset [31544] by ak19
Dr Bainbridge found oversight in recently committed code: needed to …
17:04 Changeset [31543] by ak19
Next incremental change to adding user comments in GS3. This time to make …


21:39 Changeset [31542] by ak19
1. Rewriting callMetadataServer to do the ajax requests as POST operations …
21:35 Changeset [31541] by ak19
1. GS2Construct.modifyMetadata() now calls a more generic method to obtain …
18:01 Changeset [31540] by ak19
Some commits ahead of further changes: 1. Kathy came up with better name …
11:34 Changeset [31539] by kjdon
removed debugging XX's
11:33 Changeset [31538] by kjdon
don't show the search button for the current search page


21:37 Changeset [31537] by ak19
First commit for getting user comments working for GS3. It all works, but …


12:21 Changeset [31536] by kjdon
added expandContractDocumentLinks template
12:20 Changeset [31535] by kjdon
removed unused stuff. no longer test on nodeContent when working out what …
12:16 Changeset [31534] by kjdon
changed the comment.
12:12 Changeset [31533] by kjdon
if ed=1 for paged document, want to go through the nodes and process them.
11:29 Changeset [31532] by kjdon
changed text keys to match the dictionary keys
11:28 Changeset [31531] by kjdon
expand and contract doc links are now outside the toc and generated in the …
11:25 Changeset [31530] by kjdon
moved expand doc and contract doc into separate div. copied these style …


17:02 Changeset [31529] by ak19
Committing what I think are bugfixes. These methods could surely not have …
15:24 Changeset [31528] by ak19
Cosmetic changes made when bringing this GS2 version of the gsajaxapi.js …
15:22 Changeset [31527] by ak19
Bringing the GS3 version of gsajaxapi.js file up to speed with GS2 version …
14:58 Changeset [31526] by ak19
Some additions were automatically made to the .classpath and .project …
14:56 Changeset [31525] by ak19
Nathan provided more stuff: Themes folder contains Sencha's Themebuilder …


19:56 Changeset [31524] by davidb
Main changes: Fix for page/seqnum; group by id; show-hide other languages; …
11:33 Changeset [31523] by kjdon
we want to keep p.s arg in the expand/contract contents links so that …
09:01 Ticket #923 (aa) created by zahra9393


20:28 Changeset [31522] by ak19
Some screenshots of the Eclipse Enterprise Edition projects that Nathan …


20:12 Changeset [31521] by ak19
Screengrabs of what the Titles browsing classifier output of the …
19:52 Ticket #914 (solr port issues) closed by ak19
fixed: Tested on Windows and Linux after reproducing the bugs on both, and after …
14:42 Changeset [31520] by kjdon
a couple of small but significant changes. when getting the table of …


20:10 Changeset [31519] by ak19
Removing duplicate function temporarily marked as OLD_functionname().
20:10 Changeset [31518] by ak19
Found servercontrol::get_library_url() largely duplicated in util.pm as …
19:48 Changeset [31517] by ak19
I think this is a bugfix (copy and paste error), but will need to confirm …
19:38 Changeset [31516] by ak19
Another change ahead of an upcoming commit
19:30 Changeset [31515] by ak19
Trying to bring near-identical functions servercontrol::get_library_url …
18:54 Changeset [31514] by ak19
1. As advised by Dr Bainbridge, using open() instead of backtick operator …
15:30 Changeset [31513] by ak19
servercontrol.pm uses established functions to generate tmpfiles in tmp …
15:00 Changeset [31512] by ak19
AUTOCOMMIT by gen-model-colls.sh script. Message: Kathy asked to have …
14:58 Changeset [31511] by ak19
AUTOCOMMIT by gen-model-colls.sh script. Message: Kathy asked to have …


21:00 Changeset [31510] by davidb
Turns out some languages fields can be empty. Need to test for this
20:50 Changeset [31509] by davidb
LangPos? determination changed to lock into first match, rather than trying …
20:16 Changeset [31508] by ak19
Tiny but important change (bugfix), that I confirmed with Kathy today. The …
19:48 Changeset [31507] by ak19
BUGFIX to servercontrol.pm. servercontrol::config() was merging stderr and …
16:02 Changeset [31506] by davidb
Forgot to add initialization line. Doh!
15:31 Changeset [31505] by davidb
Added in storing of top-level document metadata as separate solr-doc
15:31 Changeset [31504] by davidb
Adjusted call to work with added parameter
15:30 Changeset [31503] by davidb
Monitor for missing POS keys, and print out details first time each …
14:16 Changeset [31502] by davidb
Comment out section, useful for controlling a smaller run
14:09 Changeset [31501] by davidb
No longer used
13:56 Changeset [31500] by davidb
Synchronize on reading in of white-list and universal-lang-pos
13:54 Changeset [31499] by davidb
Better exception handling
13:53 Changeset [31498] by davidb
Tidy up on print statements
13:35 Changeset [31497] by kjdon
oops, had commented out a line which meant normal ascii images weren't …
12:07 Changeset [31496] by kjdon
updated string keys based on new plugin names
12:07 Changeset [31495] by kjdon
updated string keys based on new plugin names
12:06 Changeset [31494] by kjdon
updated text string keys based on new plugin names
12:05 Changeset [31493] by kjdon
removed smart_block option. Its been deprecated for long enough
11:12 Changeset [31492] by kjdon
renamed EncodingUtil? to CommonUtil?, BasePlugin? to BaseImporter?. The idea …
09:46 Changeset [31491] by kjdon
need to normalize the name when we look up in hte block hash too, for …
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