and .


20:00 Changeset [31823] by ak19
Another bugfix to GLI's downloadjob display: on Linux, the number of files …


19:32 Changeset [31822] by ak19
Bugfix to GLI's download pane: when having multiple download jobs queued, …


21:47 Changeset [31821] by ak19
Removing the (commented) out debug statements introduced during the …
21:45 Changeset [31820] by ak19
The changes necessary for GLI's Java code to work properly with a wget …
18:57 Changeset [31819] by ak19
Title, Subject and Keywords have changed from dls to dc metadata sets. So …
14:44 Changeset [31818] by kjdon
changing ViewSelection? to viewSelection and SlideShow? to slideShow to …


21:41 Changeset [31817] by ak19
Accidentally committed the debugging set to on with my previous bugfix …
21:40 Changeset [31816] by ak19
Fix to getRedirectURL() being stuck forever if the proxy details are …
18:52 Changeset [31815] by ak19
Minor modification to previous 2 commits
18:49 Changeset [31814] by ak19
Combining the shutdown hooks for GS2 and GS3
18:37 Changeset [31813] by ak19
Adding shutdownhook for GS2 to ensure the GS2 server is stopped on Ctrl-C. …


16:16 Changeset [31812] by ak19
The newer changes to Escape.pm's escape_char() that Dr Bainbridge found do …


18:53 Changeset [31811] by ak19
Cmdline testing of gliserver.pl revealed that gliserver's args (like …
15:16 Changeset [31810] by sjm84
Conferred with Dr Bainbridge, and copying across perl 5.18's Expat.bs file …


23:14 Changeset [31809] by ak19
Added the XML-Parser for perl 5.22 as well for the release-kit to include …
23:00 Changeset [31808] by ak19
Related to commits 31803 and 31804. Committing the changes necessary for …
21:58 Changeset [31807] by ak19
When I did a diff between the Expat.bs versions in 5.10 and 5.18, there …
21:49 Changeset [31806] by ak19
Not sure why the Expat.so file was not part of the recursive add and did …
20:20 Changeset [31805] by ak19
Committing the perl 5.24 that Dr Bainbridge successfully built on Ubuntu …
19:59 Changeset [31804] by ak19
Not sure why I can't get the patched up libiconv to work with the gs- …
19:32 Changeset [31803] by ak19
About 2 fixes to get imagemagick to compile up on Ubuntu v 16.04: 1. Dr …


16:11 Changeset [31802] by kjdon
forgot to add this
16:01 Changeset [31801] by kjdon
doc.xml files
15:58 Changeset [31800] by kjdon
doc.xml files
15:55 Changeset [31799] by kjdon
doc xmls of archives. ignoring images
15:12 Changeset [31798] by kjdon
archives dir
15:06 Changeset [31797] by kjdon
15:05 Changeset [31796] by kjdon
adding the collections' frameworks
14:54 Changeset [31795] by kjdon
making path the same as others
14:48 Changeset [31794] by kjdon
more files
14:46 Changeset [31793] by kjdon
committing core files for pei jones project
14:45 Changeset [31792] by kjdon
14:27 Changeset [31791] by kjdon
we have a separate template for displayign the text for editing. We need …
14:17 Changeset [31790] by kjdon
removed an unecessary log message
14:05 Changeset [31789] by kjdon
making a new folder for the real pei-jones project
14:04 Changeset [31788] by kjdon
moving this old version out of the way so I can commit the real pei jones …


18:28 Changeset [31787] by ak19
Fixing up a couple of strings for the UnknownConverterPlugin?. BUG: The new …


21:04 Changeset [31786] by davidb
extra param in call; change to case-folding _htrctokentext
19:32 Changeset [31785] by davidb
Change to allow solr command to optioanlly issue 'restart' instead of …


23:33 Changeset [31784] by davidb
Output to highlight skipping per-page indexing
23:31 Changeset [31783] by davidb
Solr Doc Add changed to include volume-level metadata within every page …
23:13 Changeset [31782] by davidb
more careful separation into field types htrcstring and htrcstrings
20:11 Changeset [31781] by ak19
Adding in patches to cpan perl code as required to get the remote …
19:19 Changeset [31780] by ak19
When testing GS3.08's GLI on Ubuntu v 16.04, found its perl v 5.22.1 …
16:11 Changeset [31779] by davidb
Change in how POS words are checked against the Whitelist. Previously …


17:33 Changeset [31778] by ak19
Minor change to generate the wiki index the way our wiki seems to want it …


20:45 Changeset [31777] by ak19
Related to bugfix of previous commit. Removing commented out working first …
20:43 Changeset [31776] by ak19
Kathy described a problem on the mailing list about the AutoLoadConverters?


14:46 Changeset [31775] by kjdon
added one more line to map tutorial
13:46 Changeset [31774] by kjdon
added a bit of checking for null elements
13:42 Changeset [31773] by kjdon
need the raw query enabled for the map stuff


16:43 Changeset [31772] by davidb
Accidentally committed


14:43 Changeset [31771] by kjdon
we need to pass library_name to the incremental-buildcol so that it can …
14:30 Changeset [31770] by kjdon
hiding the metadata set chooser if display_metadata_set_selector is not …
14:03 Changeset [31769] by kjdon
we want to show duplicates of metadata when editing
11:10 Changeset [31768] by kjdon
activate will delete index, not building, so pass the correct directory to …
11:03 Changeset [31767] by kjdon
added missing closing )


19:50 Changeset [31766] by ak19
1. Refactored ConvertBinaryFile:tmp_area_convert_file() to do the …
19:31 Changeset [31765] by ak19
Cosmetic change to error message
18:25 Changeset [31764] by ak19
Should replace INPUT_FILE placeholder with softlink path tmp_filename as …
18:18 Changeset [31763] by ak19
Fixing somethings before attempting to refactor tmp_area_convert_file
17:29 Changeset [31762] by ak19
Changed the placeholder names to what Dr Bainbridge suggested, which have …
16:27 Changeset [31761] by ak19
Moved function generate_item_file that's shared between PowerPointPlugin?
15:19 Changeset [31760] by ak19
Making the plugin active. It's rudimentary, but works when I pass in the …
15:12 Changeset [31759] by ak19
The previous commit put text into doc.xml, but no text was visible in when …
14:17 Changeset [31758] by ak19
Minor correction to a comment
14:00 Ticket #917 (issue web editor incremental build) closed by kjdon
fixed: This has been fixed by deactivating the collection before modifying the …


20:39 Changeset [31757] by ak19
Fixed the earlier problems, which, it turned out, had to do with the order …


17:16 Changeset [31756] by ak19
For gs-fedora scripts, check for JRE_HOME as fallback if JAVA_HOME is not …
16:42 Changeset [31755] by ak19
Adding a useful link
16:02 Changeset [31754] by ak19
Related to the previous commit (31753).
16:01 Changeset [31753] by ak19
Two fixes Kathy requested: 1. when running buildcol, ONLY deactivate a …
14:34 Changeset [31752] by kjdon
keep_editing_controls_visible is only defined when we are editing, so wrap …
13:59 Changeset [31751] by ak19
Added check for JRE_HOME if no JAVA_HOME
13:48 Changeset [31750] by ak19
gsdlCGI needs to return the JRE_HOME path to java is JRE_HOME is set …
13:19 Changeset [31749] by kjdon
add new documentedit_scripts and documentedit_scripts_util.js files, …
12:15 Changeset [31748] by kjdon
trying to make document editing javascript more easy to follow. …
11:16 Changeset [31747] by ak19
When we settle on a JRE (which could be the bundled JRE), only JRE_HOME is …
11:05 Changeset [31746] by ak19
Fix to silly bug
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