and .


10:07 Changeset [32192] by kjdon
with new result and result_str return values from convert, need to look at …


14:24 Changeset [32191] by ak19
gujarati language changes,thanks to Lavji Zala
14:18 Changeset [32190] by ak19
Gujarati string change, thanks to Lavji Zala
14:14 Changeset [32189] by ak19
GLI help gujarati translations thanks to Lavji Zala
14:11 Changeset [32188] by ak19
gujarati updates thanks to Lavji Zala
14:06 Changeset [32187] by ak19
Gujarati updates to macros, thanks to Lavji Zala
12:13 Changeset [32186] by kjdon
if the eval didn't work, all the return values might be undefined, so …
12:12 Changeset [32185] by kjdon
use new return values from ImageConverter::convert
12:10 Changeset [32184] by kjdon
change the return values of convert to match tmp_area_convert_file in …
10:20 Changeset [32183] by kjdon
image height and width might be returned as 'unknown', in particular if …


14:33 Changeset [32182] by kjdon
these 4 docs are photos, which are actually in gallery. backups are in …
12:23 Changeset [32181] by kjdon
added all the rest of the doc.xml, plus updated archive databases
12:14 Changeset [32180] by kjdon
manually changed \x96, \x92 etc to -, ' etc


22:53 Changeset [32179] by litvinovg
Workaround for Solr memory leak on core reloading
22:52 Changeset [32178] by litvinovg
Workaround for Solr memory leak on core reloading
10:04 Changeset [32177] by kjdon
updated ethics, copyright and sponsors texts, thanks to Te Taka for …


22:34 Changeset [32176] by litvinovg
Safe read from group config file


10:51 Changeset [32175] by davidb
No longer needed
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