and .


20:38 Changeset [32340] by ak19
Tidying up
20:16 Changeset [32339] by ak19
Rewritten conditions and tests for setting the tomcat port to fail at the …
18:41 Changeset [32338] by ak19
Removing newly introduced tomcat-init target. Instead, any ant command …
18:35 Changeset [32337] by ak19
Changing tomcat port variable names so they'll be easier to work with …
17:06 Changeset [32336] by ak19
Correcting errors introduced in the last minute before commits.
16:29 Changeset [32335] by ak19
Simplifying the code.
15:50 Changeset [32334] by ak19
All the changes (still preliminary) that use tomcat.https.port and …
15:45 Changeset [32333] by ak19
Correction before committing changes related to the new port …
11:43 Changeset [32332] by kjdon
removed replace_images function. this inherits from HTMLPlugin, and …


18:23 Changeset [32331] by ak19
Forgot to commit a minor change earlier
14:51 Changeset [32330] by davidb
Encouuntered a compilation error with this file when using Visual Studio …


21:28 Changeset [32329] by ak19
Shifting from log4j.properties and its .in file in resources/web to .in …
21:09 Changeset [32328] by ak19
More changes to do with template file extensions changing from .in to .svn …
14:35 Changeset [32327] by kjdon
changed the way we read in servlet init params - now loop through them all …
14:33 Changeset [32326] by kjdon
adding in more servlet params to the constants class


20:04 Changeset [32325] by ak19
Dr Bainbridge worked out the solution to HTMLPlugin not handling embedded …
20:03 Changeset [32324] by ak19
Minor changes to util.pm before committing a bugfix.
19:38 Changeset [32323] by ak19
1. Dr Bainbridge fixed the way OpenOfficeConverter? launched soffice in …
19:08 Changeset [32322] by ak19
Furter updates to SafeProcess? Readme, even though Dr Bainbridge has fixed …


21:50 Changeset [32321] by ak19
Describing new problem when the openoffice extension breaks SafeProcess?: …


17:25 Changeset [32320] by sjm84
build.properties.in has become build.properties.svn
10:01 Changeset [32319] by kjdon
Georgy was having issues with setNodeText - the child node to be removed …
09:52 Changeset [32318] by kjdon
removed some commented out code


20:34 Changeset [32317] by ak19
Basic updates to OpenOffice? extension: 1. BasePlugin? is now BaseImporter?
17:44 Changeset [32316] by ak19
Followed Kathy's instructions on setting up the jbig2-imageio jar library …
14:13 Changeset [32315] by kjdon
updated to reflect root_context.xml.in nmae change
14:12 Changeset [32314] by kjdon
renaming root_context.xml to root_context.xml.in to be consisten with …
13:01 Changeset [32313] by kjdon
renaming to .svn
12:59 Changeset [32312] by kjdon
fixed a spelling mistake
12:58 Changeset [32311] by kjdon
some comment updates
12:51 Changeset [32310] by kjdon
updating build.xml for the new .svn files, which get turned into .in files …
12:37 Changeset [32309] by kjdon
renaming resources .in files to .svn as this better matches the purpose - …
11:19 Changeset [32308] by kjdon
make metadata dynamic in a hashmap instead of named fields in am Item - …
11:10 Changeset [32307] by kjdon
I have changed the way metadata is stored in java for berry basket items, …


19:18 Changeset [32306] by ak19
Adding 2 perl debug subroutines to util.pm, debug_print_caller() and …
18:31 Changeset [32305] by ak19
1. When a plugin's built on multiple inheritance, the first n-1 internal …


20:07 Changeset [32304] by sjm84
When Kathy had a look at the new PDFv2Plugin with a linux GS3 nightly …
16:21 Changeset [32303] by ak19
Forgot to update the plugin descriptions for the PDF plugins.
00:36 Changeset [32302] by litvinovg
Second fix
00:17 Changeset [32301] by litvinovg
Fixed for groups and collections selection commit


11:59 Changeset [32300] by kjdon
made gs document links restful - collection/demo/document/xxx, instead of …


16:56 Changeset [32299] by ak19
Putting the siteURL (back?) in to follow the instructions at …
13:59 Changeset [32298] by kjdon
modified code to provide berry basket links as greenstone doc links, or …
13:55 Changeset [32297] by kjdon
adding assocfilepath and srclinkFile to attributes returned in berry …
11:25 Changeset [32296] by kjdon
java code was adding in a filepath param for the xsltparams. adding it in …


20:52 Changeset [32295] by litvinovg
Added selected attr for chosen collections and groups
20:21 Changeset [32294] by ak19
Outstanding commits: forgot to commit the most recent .class file for our …
20:17 Changeset [32293] by litvinovg
Fixed a bug in collectionGroups
19:06 Ticket #943 (Making GS3 compliant with WCAG 2.0 web accessibility standards) created by ak19
This ticket arose from librarian Christopher Loughnane's request to the …


21:02 Changeset [32292] by ak19
Making PDFv2Plugin the default plugin for PDFs when running mkcol.pl in …
20:52 Changeset [32291] by ak19
Forgot to make PDFv2Plugin the default PDF plugin for new collections.
19:54 Changeset [32290] by ak19
1. Making paged_pretty_html the default rather than pretty_html, since …


21:11 Changeset [32289] by ak19
The PDFPlugin is being deprecated (since PDFv1 and PDFv2 plugins are …
21:01 Changeset [32288] by ak19
Correcting letter in display string
20:30 Changeset [32287] by ak19
Cleaning up unused strings, some debug statements and recently commented …
20:15 Changeset [32286] by ak19
PDFv2Plugin will only work out of the box for GS3 now: PDFBoxConverter is …
19:12 Changeset [32285] by ak19
Fix to sectionalising xpdftools' produced paged_pretty_html: Dr Bainbridge …
18:45 Changeset [32284] by ak19
PDFv2Plugin doesn't offer a zoom flag anymore, replaced with a dpi flag to …


22:19 Changeset [32283] by ak19
More stable behaviour by PDFv2Plugin: 1. when pdfbox_conversion is on, but …
22:13 Changeset [32282] by ak19
This was meant to be oart of commit 32278, where I forgot to commit the …
20:42 Changeset [32281] by ak19
Undoing accidental commit
20:40 Changeset [32280] by ak19
Implementing PDFv2paged_text (with pdfbox)
19:55 Changeset [32279] by ak19
Adding details on the updates to the pdfbox extension's GS-README
19:47 Changeset [32278] by ak19
Our custom pdf-box class PDFToImagesAndText.java now takes two additional …


21:28 Changeset [32277] by ak19
First attempt at PDFv2Plugin.pm.
17:20 Changeset [32276] by ak19
Fixed a bug discovered when trying to get screenshots for Dr Nichols. I …
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