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[19193]1creator [email protected]
2maintainer [email protected]
[18605]3public true
4collectgroup true
[19193]7collectionmeta collectionname [l=en] "Documented Example Collections"
[19380]8collectionmeta collectionextra [l=en] "A group of collections whose \"about\" page describes how they are constructed"
10# -- Spanish text ----------------
11collectionmeta collectionname [l=es] "Colecciones de ejemplo documentadas"
[19380]12collectionmeta collectionextra [l=es] "Un grupo de colecciones cuya página \"Acerca de\" describe como son construidas."
14# -- Chinese text ----------------
15collectionmeta collectionname [l=zh] "挔瀺瀺范收藏"
16collectionmeta collectionextra [l=zh] "这组收藏的“å…
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