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1bibtext-e._text2_:This groups 200 documents together into a single archive file.
2bibtext-e._text3_:The <i>buildtype</i> option shows that the default search engine <i>mgpp</i> is
3used. The <i>indexes</i> line specifies indexes for \"text\", and \"metadata\". In this case, \"text\" will be the original BibTeX record. \"metadata\" is a special keyword signifying that an index should be built for any metadata item found in the collection.
5bibtex-3._text4_:An additional keyword, \"allfields\", could also be used in the <i>indexers</i> line, specifying that combined searching over all indexes should be available.
7The <i>levels</i> lines specifies only document level, as bibliographic records don't have internal structure.
9#russian only
10bibtex-e._text5_:Fielded searching, with a form-based interface, is selected by <i>format SearchTypes \"form,plain\"
11</i> in the configuration file. In fact, a plain textual full-text search
12index is included in this collection as well (since <i>form</i> comes first,
13it is the default interface; you reach the <i>plain</i> search through
14the <i>Preferences</i> page).\n
16bibtex-supp-e:_text1_:The \"documented-examples/\" parts of the collection names are necessary
17because these collections reside in the \"documented-examples\" collection
18group subfolder in the collect directory.\n
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