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1#Strings for translation:
2These need to be translated into French, Spanish, Russian, except where indicated.
4bibtext-e._text1_:Apart from the standard plugins, this collection uses <i>BibTexPlugin</i>,
5which processes references in the BibTeX format (well known to computer
6scientists). Two options have been set for BibTexPlugin:
7<i>-OIDtype assigned -OIDmetadata Number</i>. This means the metadata
8element \"Number\" will be used as the record identifier, instead of
9Greenstone's default hash identifiers. These options are available for
10all plugins.\n
12bibtext-e._text2_:This groups 200 documents together into a single archive file.
13bibtext-e._text3_:The <i>buildtype</i> option shows that the default search engine <i>mgpp</i> is
14used. The <i>indexes</i> line specifies indexes for \"text\", and \"metadata\". In this case, \"text\" will be the original BibTeX record. \"metadata\" is a special keyword signifying that an index should be built for any metadata item found in the collection.
16bibtex-3._text4_:An additional keyword, \"allfields\", could also be used in the <i>indexers</i> line, specifying that combined searching over all indexes should be available.
18The <i>levels</i> lines specifies only document level, as bibliographic records don't have internal structure.
20#russian only
21bibtex-e._text5_:Fielded searching, with a form-based interface, is selected by <i>format SearchTypes \"form,plain\"
22</i> in the configuration file. In fact, a plain textual full-text search
23index is included in this collection as well (since <i>form</i> comes first,
24it is the default interface; you reach the <i>plain</i> search through
25the <i>Preferences</i> page).\n
27bibtex-supp-e._text1_:The \"documented-examples/\" parts of the collection names are necessary
28because these collections reside in the \"documented-examples\" collection
29group subfolder in the collect directory.\n
31wrdpdf-e._text1_:If you encounter these problems, you
32can either remove the offending documents from your collection, or try using
33some of the advanced plugin options to process the documents in different ways.
34For more information, see the Enhanced PDf and Word tutorials on the
35<a href=\'\'>Greenstone wiki</a>.
37isis-e._text1_:These databases have several files, but ISISPlugin uses just three: CDS.fdt (where CDS is the name of the database), containing the field names used in the database, CDF.xrf (a cross-reference file), and CDS.mst, containing the actual records. Whenever ISISPlugin encounters an \".mst\" file, it looks for the corresponding \".fdt\" and \".xrf\" files.
38isis-e._text1_ [l=fr] Ces bases de données ont plusieurs fichiers, mais ISISPlugin en utilise seulement deux: CDS.fdt (où CDS est le nom de la base de données) contenant les noms de champ utilisés dans la base de données, et CDS.mst qui contient les enregistrements. A chaque fois que ISISPlugin rencontre un fichier \".mst\", il cherche le fichier \".fdt\" correspondant.
39isis-e._text1_ [l=es] Estas bases de datos contienen varios archivos, pero ISISPlugin solo utiliza dos: CDS.fdt (donde CDS es el nombre de la base de datos), el cual contiene los nombres de los campos usados en la base de datos, y CDS.mst, el cual contiene los registros. Cada vez que ISISPlugin encuentra un archivo \".mst\", busca el archivo \".fdt\" correspondiente.
40isis-e._text1_ [l=ru] ЭтО базы ЎаММых
41 сПстПят Оз МескПлькОх
42 файлПв, МП плагОМ ISISPlugin ОспПльзует тПлькП Ўва: CDS.fdt , (гЎе CDS -- ОЌя базы ЎаММых
43 ), сПЎержащОй ОЌеМа пПлей, ОспПльзуеЌых
44 в базе ЎаММых
45, О CDS.mst, сПЎержащОй фактОческОе запОсО. ВсякОй раз, кПгЎа ISISPlugin сталкОвается с файлПЌ \".mst\" ПМ Ощет Ўля МегП сППтветствующОй файл \".fdt\".
47authen-e._text1_:The <a href=\"_httpcollection_/etc/collect.cfg\" target=collect.cfg>collection
48configuration file</a> is exactly the same as for the original demo collection apart from the authentication directives, one plugin option (and this description).
49authen-e._text1_[l=fr] Ce <a href=\"_httpcollection_/etc/collect.cfg\"
50target=collect.cfg>fichier de configuration de collection</a> est
51exactement le même que celui de la collection de démonstration originale
52sauf pour les directives d'authentification (et cette description).
53authen-e._text1_[l=es] El <a href=\"_httpcollection_/etc/collect.cfg\" target=collect.cfg>archivo de configuración</a> es exactamente el mismo que el de la demo original salvo las directivas para la autenticación (y su descripción).
54authen-e._text1_[l=ru]<a href=\"_httpcollection_/etc/collect.cfg\" target=collect.cfg>Ѐайл кПМфОгурацОО кПллекцОО</a> тПчМП такПй же как О в ПрОгОМальМПй ЎеЌП кПллекцОО крПЌе ЎОректОв аутеМтОфОкацОО (О ЎаММПгП ПпОсаМОя).
56authen-e._text2_:In this case, we have used the <i>-OIDtype dirname</i> option to HTMLPlugin,
57which specifies that directory names should be used as identifiers. This works
58for collections where each document is in a separate directory. We have used
59this option to ensure that identifiers remain the same across different
60platforms (which may not be the case for HASH identifiers), as we need to
61specify identifiers here for the authentication directives.
67The entire description (and collection meta) needs translating into chinese and arabic if possible for all collections.
69pagedimg-e, style-e, wiki-e have no translations yet, so entire thing needs to be done for fr, es, ru.
71the two strings in the top level (group) etc/collect.cfg also need translating.
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