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Merging of skin work with the main trunk

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1<skin name="oran">
2 <actionList>
3 <action name='p' class='PageAction'>
4 <subaction name='home' xslt='siteHome.xsl'/>
5 <subaction name='about' xslt='collectHome.xsl'/>
6 <subaction name='help' xslt='blah.xsl'/>
7 <subaction name='pref' xslt='blah.xsl'/>
8 <subaction name='nav' xslt='blah.xsl'/>
9 <subaction name="html" xslt="blah.xsl"/>
10 </action>
11 <action name='q' class='QueryAction' xslt='search.xsl'/>
12 <action name='b' class='GS2BrowseAction' xslt='collectBrowse.xsl'/>
13 <action name='a' class='AppletAction' xslt='blah.xsl'/>
14 <action name='d' class='DocumentAction' xslt='collectDocument.xsl'/>
15 <action name='pr' class='ProcessAction' xslt='blah.xsl'/>
16 <action name='s' class='SystemAction' xslt='blah.xsl'/>
17 </actionList>
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