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Readme file for the sample files of the word_and_pdf tutorial exercises.

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1Copyright Information
4This is a collection of documents in Word, PDF, PS and RTF formats. Except for
5pdf06-weirdchars.pdf file, all the other documents are published at the
6Computer Science Department, Waikato University. The pdf06-weirdchars.pdf file
7(METS: Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard) is distributed with permission
8from both the author and JISC (shown as below).
12> From: Gaynor Backhouse <[email protected]>
13> Date: 31 May 2007 1:31:00 AM
14> To: [email protected]
15> Cc: [email protected]
16> Subject: Re: Fwd: Re: METS document TSW 02-05
17> Reply-To: [email protected]
19> Dear Ian
21> You have indeed reached the contact for TechWatch, and as the
22> Project Manager, I am happy for you to
23> use the report in the way you have described. Good luck with your
24> project!
26> Best wishes,
27> Gaynor Backhouse
28> Project Manager, JISC Technology and Standards Watch
31> The JISC Technology and Standards Watch service is provided by
32> Intelligent Content Ltd, a company
33> registered in England and Wales with the registration number 5081330.
35> Intelligent Content Limited
36> 24 Heathcoat Building
37> Nottingham Science and Technology Park
38> University Boulevard
39> Nottingham
40> NG7 2QJ
42> t: +44 (0)115 922 4600
43> w:
44> e: [email protected]
46>> ________________
47>> Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 14:21:28 +1200
48>> From: Ian Witten <[email protected]>
49>> Subject: Re: METS document TSW 02-05
50>> To: [email protected]
52>> I would like permission to distribute a document, "METS: Metadata
53>> Encoding and Transmission Standard," TSW 02-05, October 2002 (copy
54>> attached to this email). The context of the request is explained in
55>> my email to Richard below. He is happy for us to distribute the
56>> document, but thinks that JISC also holds copyright in it, which is
57>> why I'm checking with you.
59>> Please let me know if this is OK, or who the correct contact is if
60>> it's not you.
61>> cheers
62>> ian
65>> Begin forwarded message:
66>>> From: Richard Gartner <[email protected]>
67>>> Date: 10 May 2007 10:31:59 PM
68>>> To: Ian Witten <[email protected]>
69>>> Subject: Re: METS document TSW 02-05
71>>> Dear Ian,
73>>> Nice to hear from you again! We haven't met since that conference
74>>> in Ankara, but I have been very busy on the METS and Greenstone
75>>> front ever since.
77>>> I'm very happy for you to distribute the document - I think JISC
78>>> also hold copyright in it, though, so perhaps you'd better check
79>>> with them as well. They've given permission before, so there
80>>> shouldn't be any problem. The current contact email for the TSW
81>>> service seems to be [email protected], so I'd try
82>>> there first.
84>>> You'll be pleased to know that our Greenstone application at Oxford
85>>> is finally publicly visible! It's at
86>>> odlcollections/ . Please feel free to add it to the list on your
87>>> website.
89>>> All the best,
90>>> Richard
92>>> Ian Witten wrote:
93>>>> Richard, I would like your permission to distribute a document
94>>>> that you wrote, "METS: Metadata Encoding and Transmission
95>>>> Standard," TSW 02-05, October 2002 (copy attached to this email).
96>>>> The context of this request is rather an unusual one. I don't know
97>>>> if you remember me but I run the New Zealand Digital Library
98>>>> project (, which has produced the Greenstone
99>>>> Digital Library Software (httip:// which is widely
100>>>> used around the world, particularly in developing countries, and
101>>>> is sponsored and supported by UNESCO. Greenstone is open source,
102>>>> distributed under the GNU General Public License.
103>>>> We run training courses for the Greenstone software, and are
104>>>> producing a collection of Tutorial Exercises for people to use in
105>>>> training courses and for independent study. We seek interesting
106>>>> material to use as the basis for training exercises, and would
107>>>> like to use the above-named document for one of the exercises.
108>>>> Again: the reason is an unusual one. This particular document is
109>>>> a rather strange PDF file: the text it contains is present in a
110>>>> form that is difficult for Greenstone to deal with. (Even if you
111>>>> try searching it using a regular PDF reader the results are
112>>>> anomalous: for example, only 10 occurrences of the word "the" are
113>>>> found though the document clearly contains far more). I'm not
114>>>> concerned about the reasons for this: the point is that we have
115>>>> been using this document in an exercise that points out to
116>>>> Greenstone users that such problems can occur and shows them how
117>>>> to deal with them when they crop up in their own collections.
118>>>> We are about to distribute our Tutorial Exercises more widely, and
119>>>> I would like permission from you to use this document as an
120>>>> example. They will be available from our website, and also on a
121>>>> CD-ROM incorporating the Greenstone software that UNESCO will
122>>>> distribute freely in developing countries. All this stuff is
123>>>> given away for free; this is not a for-profit exercise (quite the
124>>>> reverse!)
125>>>> Would you object to our using this document in the way I have
126>>>> outlined, and distributing it freely? I hope not.
127>>>> I realize that copyright is a very complex business -- you
128>>>> probably know more about it than I do -- but it would be nice to
129>>>> have a brief email stating that our intended use is OK. In fact,
130>>>> the people who produce the UNESCO CD-ROM may require
131>>>> documentation that we have permission to reproduce all the
132>>>> material on it.
133>>>> Looking forward to hearing from you
134>>>> ian
135>>>> Ian H. Witten
136>>>> Director, New Zealand Digital Library Project
139>> ________________
140>> document.pdf (1131k bytes)
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