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5 content="Tudor England 1485 to 1603 images biographies primary sources">
6 <meta name="author" content="Marilee Mongello">
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8 content="Tudor dynasty Henry VII, Henry VIII, The Six Wives of Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Mary I, Edward VI, Lady Jane Grey, 16th century England">
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14 <title>Tudor England 1485 to 1603: Table of Contents</title>
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16 </style>
18<body link="#0000ff" vlink="#0000ff" alink="#0000ff">
19<div align="center">
21<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="4" width="94%">
22 <tbody>
23 <tr>
24 <td valign="bottom" colspan="3">&nbsp;</td>
25 </tr>
26 <tr>
27 <td><br>
28 </td>
29 <td><br>
30 </td>
31 <td><br>
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33 </tr>
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36 <p align="center">
37 <img border="0"
38 src="tudorenglandcontents1.gif"
39 alt="Tudor England: Contents" width="316" height="181"></p>
40 <blockquote>
41 <hr>
42 <p align="center"><a href="news.html">
43 <font face="Times New Roman">What's New?</a><b><br>
44 </b><font size="2">Site News<br>New Exhibits, Books, Films etc<br>
45 <span style="font-weight: bold;">updated 29 September '04</span></font></font></p>
46 <hr>
47 <p align="center"> <font face="Times New Roman"> <img
48 height="354" alt="crowned Tudor rose"
49 src="" width="190"
50 border="2"></font></p>
51 <p align="center">&nbsp;</p>
52 <p align="center"><font face="Times New Roman" size="2"> <a
53 href="">to Tudor England main page</a></font></p>
54 <p align="center"><font face="Times New Roman" size="2"> <a
55 href="">to</a></font></p>
56 <p align="center">&nbsp;</p>
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58 <p align="left">&nbsp;</p>
59 </blockquote>
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65 <img border="0"
66 src="biography.gif" width="124"
67 height="27" alt="Biographies"><br>
68 <a href="monarchs.html">MONARCHS</a>:
69 <font size="2" face="Times New Roman">&nbsp;King Henry VII - King
70Henry VIII - King Edward VI - Queen Mary I - Queen Elizabeth I</font>
71 <p> <font face="Times New Roman"> <a
72 href="monarchs/wives.html">THE SIX
73WIVES OF KING HENRY VIII</a>:&nbsp; <font size="2">Katharine of Aragon
74- Anne Boleyn - Jane Seymour - Anne of Cleves - Catherine Howard -
75Katharine Parr</font></font></p>
76 <p> <a href="relatives.html">ROYAL
77RELATIVES</a>:&nbsp; <font face="Times New Roman" size="2">Lady Jane
78Grey - Mary, Queen of Scots - Princess Mary Tudor - Princess Margaret
79Tudor - Lady Catherine Grey</font></p>
80 <p> <a href="citizens.html">TUDOR
81CITIZENS</a><font face="Times New Roman">:&nbsp; <font size="2">Sir
82Thomas More - The Boleyn Family - Thomas Wolsey - Thomas Cromwell -
83Thomas Cranmer - Charles Brandon, duke of Suffolk</font></font></p>
84 <p> <font size="4"><br>
85 <img border="0"
86 src="questions.gif" width="115"
87 height="26"><br>
88 </font>Visit the <a
89 href="faq.html">Tudor England FAQ</a>:<font
90 face="Times New Roman">&nbsp; Frequently Asked Questions, including a
91brief history of
92Tudor England.</font></p>
93 <p><br>
94 <img border="0"
95 src="portraits.gif" width="96"
96 height="22"><a href=""><br>
97 </a><font face="Times New Roman">Visit <a
98 href="">Tudor England: Images</a>
99to view portraits of the Tudors and their contemporaries.</font><font
100 face="Arial" size="1"><br>
101 </font><a href="primary.html"><br>
102 <br>
103 </a> <img border="0"
104 src="newquizzes.gif" width="80"
105 height="27"><font face="Times New Roman" size="2"><br>
106 </font><font face="Times New Roman">
107 <a href="tudor1.html">Test your
108knowledge of Tudor England</a> at the Quizzes page.</font></p>
109 <p><font size="4"><br>
110 <img border="0"
111 src="newsources.gif" width="81"
112 height="24"></font><br>
113 <a href="primary.html">PRIMARY
114SOURCES</a><font face="Times New Roman">:&nbsp; Read eyewitness
115accounts of people and events in Tudor England, including letters
116written by the six wives of Henry VIII.</font></p>
117 <p><a href="secondary.html">SECONDARY
118SOURCES</a>:&nbsp; Read <font face="Times New Roman">Biographies;
119Histories; Studies, etc about the Tudor era.</font></p>
120 <p><br>
121 <img border="0" src="newmedia.gif"
122 width="69" height="23"><br>
123 <a href="biblio.html">Bibliography</a>
124- <a href="films.html">Tudor Films</a>
125- <a href="links.html">Links</a></p>
126 <p><br>
127 <font face="Times New Roman"> <img border="0"
128 src="newsearch.gif" width="74"
129 height="21"><br>
130Can't find what you need?&nbsp; Visit <a
131 href="search.html">the Tudor England
132search engine</a>.</font></p>
133 <p><font face="Times New Roman"><br>
134 <img border="0" src="newemail.gif"
135 width="63" height="22"><br>
136Visit <a href="email.html">the Email
138 <p align="center">&nbsp;</p>
139 <p align="left"> <img border="0"
140 src="newconstruction.gif" width="205"
141 height="23"><br>
142You can also visit the incomplete <a
143 href="tudorlife.html">Life in Tudor
144England</a> and <a
145 href="genealogy.html"> Tudor Genealogy</a>
146webpages.&nbsp; Some information is available, including a graphic
147image of the Tudor family tree.</p>
148 <p>&nbsp;</p>
149 <p>&nbsp;</p>
150 </td>
151 </tr>
152 </tbody>
157 <center>
158 <p><font face="Times New Roman">Meet other Tudor enthusiasts at <a
159 href="">Tudor Rose: The Tudor
160Dynasty Fanlisting</a>.<br>
161 <br>
162Would you like to learn more about Tudor
163England? <br>
164Visit the following sites - <br>
165 <a href="">
166Tudor England</a>&nbsp; -&nbsp; <a href=""></a>
167 <br>
168 <a href="">Claire Webb's
169Tudor Website</a>&nbsp; -&nbsp; <a
170 href=""></a></font></p>
171 </center>
174<table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="338" border="0">
175 <tbody>
176 </tbody> <tbody>
177 <tr>
178 <th><font face="Times New Roman"><img height="86"
179 alt="Tudor History Web Ring"
180 src="" width="189"> </font> </th>
181 </tr>
182 <tr>
183 <th><b><font face="Times New Roman">[<a
184 href=";action=list&amp;siteid=%28siteid%29">List
185Sites</a>] [<a
186 href=";action=random&amp;siteid=%28siteid%29">Random</a>]
188 href=";action=join&amp;siteid=%28siteid%29">Join</a>]</font></b></th>
189 </tr>
190 </tbody>
194<p><font face="Times New Roman">This site created and
195maintained by Marilee <br>
196with help from the loveliest person in the world.<br>
197<a href="copyright.html"><font size="2"><br>
199here for copyright information</font></a><font size="2">.</font></font></p>
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