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Unescaping apostrophes again (removing the backslash in front of apostrophes in French and English in one step), as the strings where they were escaped weren't loading in GTI anyway, which may be because the English language strings were modified on the same day and so they're not marked as in need of updating until I modify all the English strings just after midnight, to force GTI to mark all strings that are already translated as in need of updating.

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1name=Custom stylesheet demo collection
3textdate=publication date\:
4textnumpages=no. of pages\:
5textsource=source ref\:
9dls.Keyword=How to
15shortDescription=<p>This demonstration collection contains the same material as the original Greenstone demo collection, but its appearance has been altered slightly using a custom stylesheet.</p>
17description1=<p>Greenstone 3 uses default stylesheets, which can be overridden for all collections in a site or for any particular collection. This documented example collection covers the last case.</p>
19description2=<h3>How the collection works</h3><p>The <b>global</b> format statement contains a link to the collection's custom stylesheet, which is located inside the collection\: \n\
20<pre>&lt;xsl\:template name="additionalHeaderContent"&gt; \n\
21 &lt;xsl\:variable name="httpCollection"&gt; \n\
22 &lt;xsl\:value-of select="/page/pageResponse/collection/metadataList/metadata[@name='httpPath']"/&gt; \n\
23 &lt;/xsl\:variable&gt; \n\
24 &lt;link href="{$httpCollection}/style/style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"/&gt; \n\
25 &lt;/xsl\:template&gt; \n\
26</pre> \n\
29description3=<p>Next, a folder named <i>style</i> is created within the collection and a new text file, called <i>custom-style.css</i>, is created within that folder. The css suffix indicates it's a <i>Cascading Style Sheet</i>. CSS files define the look of web pages such as the colours, borders, fonts, heading styles and more. CSS files are just text files, and can thus be edited with any text editor.</p>
31description4=<p>The default Greenstone CSS style sheets define certain styles for all collections, that are <i>overridden</i> for the collection by defining CSS rules within its new custom stylesheet. It is by linking the CSS file in the Greenstone collection's <b>global</b> format statement as above, that the general Greenstone CSS styling rules get overridden at the collection level.</p>
33description5=<p>You can quickly learn how to write CSS at <a href="https\://">W3schools</a> and other online sites.</p>
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