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On Linux, the incremental building DEC collection called manifest-demo-e seems to delete the documents fine when the documents' OIDs get changed (from Joid to just oid, by removing the mysterious J prefiox). I was unable to get things to work with just this change on Windows last time, however I may have tried to many things at the same time back then. I will re-attempt it on Windows with a fresh version of the manifest-dem-e collection. I will then also still need to resolve whether the incremental building tutorial for GS3 requires the documents to be deleted from import (as presently instructed by the tutorial) or will also work with just the manifest file specifying the docs to be deleted, as for the DEC incremental building collection.

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[23054]1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
3 <Delete>
[36353]4 <OID>ec158e</OID>
5 <OID>ec159e</OID>
6 <OID>ec160e</OID>
[23054]7 </Delete>
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