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The updated collection descriptions for the GS3 port of the style-e DEC collection. I think there are too many changes to the translated files so that it may be better for them to be retranslated from scratch.

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1name=Cascading Style Sheets<br/> Demo collection
9dls.Keyword=How to
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13shortDescription=<p>This collection demonstrates Greenstone's use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for visual formatting in web browsers. On every page, you can change the style-sheet in effect, to modify that page's appearance. This collection contains the same material as the original Greenstone demo collection.</p>
15description1=<p>A combination of JavaScript and the overriding of GS3 XSL templates in Greenstone 3's <i>global</i> format statement is used by the collection to provide the stylesheet switching. As in some other <i>Documented Example Collections</i>, GLI's <pre>Format &gt; Format Features &gt; global</pre> can be used to define the <b>additionalHeaderContent</b> template. Doing so overrides the existing <i>additionalHeaderContent</i> template, and appends any specified HTML elements to the HTML header.</p>
17description2=<p>In this case, the <b>additionalHeaderContent</b> specifies the custom collection stylesheet currently active and the JavaScript to facilitate the stylesheet switching when a link is clicked. The <b>create-banner</b> XSL template in the <i>global</i> format statement is also overridden to provide links to the multiple stylesheets within the existing GS3 banner section, and invoke the custom JavaScript when any link is clicked. \n\
18<pre> \n\
19 &lt;xsl\:template name=&quot;additionalHeaderContent&quot;&gt; \n\
20 &lt;xsl\:variable name=&quot;httpCollection&quot;&gt; \n\
21 &lt;xsl\:value-of select=&quot;/page/pageResponse/collection/metadataList/metadata[@name='httpPath']&quot;/&gt; \n\
22 &lt;/xsl\:variable&gt; \n\
23 &lt;link rel=&quot;stylesheet&quot; href=&quot;{$httpCollection}/style/gs3-style-default-extra.css&quot; type=&quot;text/css&quot; \n\
24 title=&quot;GS3 Style&quot; id=&quot;custom-style&quot; charset=&quot;UTF-8&quot;/&gt; \n\
25 \n\
26 &lt;script src=&quot;{$httpCollection}/script/custom-script.js&quot; type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;&gt; \n\
27 &lt;/script&gt; \n\
28 \n\
29 &lt;/xsl\:template&gt; \n\
30 \n\
31 \n\
32 &lt;xsl\:template name=&quot;create-banner&quot;&gt; \n\
33 \n\
34 &lt;div class=&quot;choose_style&quot;&gt; \n\
35 Choose a style\: \n\
36 &lt;a href=&quot;#&quot; onclick=&quot;replaceStyle('gs3-style-default-extra');return false;&quot;&gt;Default Greenstone&lt;/a&gt;, \n\
37 &lt;a href=&quot;#&quot; onclick=&quot;replaceStyle('gs3-style-blue');return false;&quot;&gt;Blue&lt;/a&gt;, \n\
38 &lt;a href=&quot;#&quot; onclick=&quot;replaceStyle('gs3-style-olive-purple');return false;&quot;&gt;OlivePurple&lt;/a&gt;, \n\
39 &lt;a href=&quot;#&quot; onclick=&quot;replaceStyle('');return false;&quot;&gt;None&lt;/a&gt; \n\
40 &lt;/div&gt; \n\
41 \n\
42 &lt;div id=&quot;gs_banner&quot; class=&quot;ui-widget-header ui-corner-bottom&quot;&gt; \n\
43 &lt;div id=&quot;titlesearchcontainer&quot;&gt; \n\
44 \n\
45 &lt;xsl\:call-template name=&quot;page-title-area&quot;/&gt; \n\
46 &lt;xsl\:call-template name=&quot;quick-search-area&quot;/&gt; \n\
47 &lt;div style=&quot;clear\:both;&quot;&gt;&lt;xsl\:text&gt; &lt;/xsl\:text&gt;&lt;/div&gt; \n\
48 &lt;/div&gt; \n\
49 &lt;xsl\:call-template name=&quot;browsing-tabs&quot;/&gt; \n\
50 &lt;/div&gt; \n\
51 &lt;/xsl\:template&gt; \n\
52</pre> \n\
55description3=<p>If you want to download any of these stylesheets for your own collections, here are links to them: \n\
56<ul> \n\
57<li><a href=''>GS3 default extra</a> - builds on top of GS3's default style</li> \n\
58<li><a href=''>Blue theme</a> - modifies the GS3 default style for a blue colouring</li> \n\
59<li><a href=''>olive-purple theme</a> - modifies the GS3 default style for a vivid colouring of vine green and purples</li> \n\
60<li>None - clears all CSS styling from the current page (needs reload to get the default GS3 style back)</li> \n\
61</ul> \n\
64description4=<p><b>Using a downloaded stylesheet</b> \n\
65<ul> \n\
66<li>To use a stylesheet as the default, place it in greenstone/web/interfaces/default/style and rename it to <pre>style.css</pre>. This will affect all collections.</li> \n\
67<li>To use a stylesheet for a particular collection, place it in greenstone/web/sites/localsite/collect/&lt;collection&gt;/style then specify the stylesheet link in the <b>additionalHeaderContent</b> of GLI's <i>global</i> format statement (<pre>Format &gt; Format Features &gt; global</pre>) as follows: \n\
68<pre>&lt;xsl\:template name=&quot;additionalHeaderContent&quot;&gt; \n\
69 &lt;xsl\:variable name=&quot;httpCollection&quot;&gt; \n\
70 &lt;xsl\:value-of select=&quot;/page/pageResponse/collection/metadataList/metadata[@name='httpPath']&quot;/&gt; \n\
71 &lt;/xsl\:variable&gt; \n\
72 &lt;link href=&quot;{$httpCollection}/style/stylesheet-name.css&quot; rel=&quot;stylesheet&quot; type=&quot;text/css&quot;/&gt; \n\
73&lt;/xsl\:template&gt;</pre> \n\
74</li> \n\
75</ul> \n\
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