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4<title>The Greenstone Librarian Interface - Help Pages</title>
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9<td width="15%" align="center"><img width="45" src="../gatherer_medium.gif" height="45"></td><td width="*" align="center"><a name="theformatview"><font size="5" face="Verdana"><strong>8.1: The Format View</strong></font></a></td><td width="15%" align="center"><img width="45" src="../gatherer_medium.gif" height="45"></td>
[14883]14<p>This section introduces you to the Format view and explains how to navigate among the various panes.</p>
[12737]16<p>With the Librarian Interface you can configure how the collection appears to the user. The configuration options are divided into sections, each associated with a different type of customization.</p>
[14883]18<p>On the left is a list of parameters and on the right are the control elements associated with each parameter. To edit a parameter, click its name in the list.</p>
[14883]20<p>Under the list of parameters is a "Preview Collection" button. Changes made in the Format view don't require a collection rebuild, so can be previewed straight away. However, the collection must have been built at least once to allow previewing.</p>
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