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a new metadtaa set for special elements used by greenstone source code

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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
2<!DOCTYPE MetadataSet SYSTEM "">
3<MetadataSet contact="" creator="" family="" lastchanged="Tue Sep 05 14:40:36 NZST 2006 - kjdon on kanuka" namespace="gs">
4 <SetLanguage code="en">
5 <Name>Greenstone metadata set</Name>
6 <Description>Some special elements particular to Greenstone.</Description>
7 </SetLanguage>
8 <Element name="DocumentHeader">
9 <Language code="en">
10 <Attribute name="label">Document Header</Attribute>
11 <Attribute name="definition">Headers that will be added to document display. For example, use this to include stylesheets in the document display. The content should be escaped HTML.</Attribute>
12 <Attribute name="comment">The _document:documentheader_ macro will be set to the value of this metadata.</Attribute>
13 </Language>
14 </Element>
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