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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
3 <extension>
4 <name>Metadata Quality Tool</name>
5 <group>Java / Web</group>
6 <file_stem>Mat</file_stem>
7 <description>The quality of metadata in a digital library is an important factor in ensuring access for end-users. As collections grow in size maintaining quality through manual methods becomes increasingly difficult for repository managers. The tool is built as an extension to the Greenstone3 digital library software.</description>
8 <admin_ui>org.greenstone.admin.gui.Mat</admin_ui>
9 <sequence_list>
10 <step action="Download" label="Download" method="svn" status="true">
11 <source></source>
12 </step>
13 <step action="Install_option" label="Install options" status="false">
14 prepare installation
15 </step>
16 <step action="Install" label="Install" status="false">
17 <command>ant compile</command>
18 </step>
19 <step action="Uninstall" label="Uninstall" status="false">
20 <command>ant uninstall</command>
21 </step>
22 </sequence_list>
23 </extension>
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