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working on a single file to define what is 'source'

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1<project name="source-fileset">
2 <!-- the authoritative fileset representing the source files of a greenstone3 installation -->
3 <fileset id="greenstone3-source-file" dir=".">
4 <include name="src/**/*"/>
5 <include name="gs2build/common-src/**/*"/>
6 <include name="gs2build/build-src/**/*"/>
7 <include name="gs2build/runtime-src/**/*"/>
8 <include name="gs2build/aclocal.m4,gs2build/config.guess,gs2build/,gs2build/config.sub,gs2build/configure,gs2build/,gs2build/install-sh,gs2build/,gs2build/setup.bash,gs2build/setup.bat,gs2build/setup.csh,gs2build/win32.mak,gs2build/win32cfg.h"/>
9 </fileset>
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