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prepare-gs2building also downloads and from gsdl's trunk, no longer just svnupdate-gs2building which doesn't get executed during the normal ant prepare step

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1# this file should be placed in the /greenstone3/web/WEB-INF/cgi
2# It defines path parameters of GS3, and therefore should be
3# edited to suit your setting.
5# specify full paths to the various key Greenstone directories.
6# GSDL3HOME is optional, set it if your Greenstone web folder
7# is located somewhere other than the default gsdl3srchome/web
8gsdl3srchome /research/ak19/gs3-server-svn
9gsdlhome /research/ak19/gs3-server-svn/gs2build
10#gsdl3home /research/ak19/gs3-server-svn/gs2build/web
13# cgi gateway URL suffix
14#gwcgi /cgi-bin/library
16# if JAVA_HOME is not defined, set this to the full path
17# to your JDK
18#javahome /usr/bin/j2sdk1.4.2_13
20# if Perl is not on your PATH, provide the full path to Perl's
21# parent folder here. Need to update for this.
22#perlpath /usr/bin
24# full path to FEDORA_HOME, and the major version number of the
25# fedora installation
26#fedorahome /research/ak19/fedora
27#fedoraversion 2
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