source: greenstone3/trunk/web/interfaces/classic/transform@ 14412

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
about.xsl 2.1 KB 13254   18 years shaoqun now uses <div> to make changing styles easier
applet.xsl 1.5 KB 8567   20 years kjdon override the applet xslt to that we can put the title icon up
classifier.xsl 1.9 KB 13254   18 years shaoqun now uses <div> to make changing styles easier
document.xsl 23.1 KB 14391   17 years anna Added next and previous page arrows on document page.
help-common.xsl 2.8 KB 7831   20 years kjdon new classic (greenstone 2) style interface - kind of the same as nzdl …
help.xsl 1.2 KB 8568   20 years nzdl the title uses help_tip string rather than help string which is missing
home.xsl 2.7 KB 14412   17 years qq6 added the authentication entry
nav.xsl 1.5 KB 8661   20 years kjdon override teh default nav xslt to make the page in a table width = 537
pref.xsl 18.0 KB 14394   17 years anna Moved options on the search pages into the preference page. Only …
query-common.xsl 8.1 KB 14385   17 years anna Changed paramList template so that don't generate the search level …
query.xsl 2.4 KB 14375   17 years anna Added with-param to pass the parameter collName when call template …
style.xsl 14.4 KB 14377   17 years shaoqun added code to prevent parsing duplicated classifierList nodes
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