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Last change on this file since 18333 was 18333, checked in by ak19, 15 years ago

Added in ?xml tag at the start of the collectionConfig and buildConfig files for the gberg and infomine demo collections, else there are troubles parsing when GLI is trying load these collections (since the new class needs the ?xml tag to identify the start of xml files).

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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
2<buildConfig xmlns:gsf="" >
3 <metadataList>
4 <metadata name="numDocs">4</metadata>
5 <metadata name="buildType">lucene</metadata>
6 </metadataList>
7 <serviceRackList>
8 <serviceRack name="GutBookRetrieve">
9 <paramList>
10 <param name="tocXSLT" value="produce-toc"/>
11 <param name="documentEncoding" value="UTF-8"/>
12 <param name="documentRootTag" value="book"/>
13 </paramList>
14 </serviceRack>
15 <serviceRack name="LuceneSearch"/>
16 </serviceRackList>
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