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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
resources 16105   15 years ak19 Changed once more to return formatted string again, and to only trim …
src 16314   15 years davidb Merging of skin work with the main trunk
web 16315   15 years davidb Merging of skin work with the main trunk
docs 15209   15 years kjdon changed descendents to descendants to match the code
bin 15130   16 years oranfry checking in the linux tool for finding java
dist-resources 14825   16 years oranfry replace get-macos-etra target with an empty target when making a …
lib 15372   15 years oranfry checking in the cp.jar files with fixed manifest files, also adding …
winutil 15368   15 years oranfry checking in a newer version of search4j
build.xml 79.8 KB 16253   15 years ak19 Dr Baindbridge corrected reference to gs2build's lib to src/lib 2.2 KB 10944   18 years kjdon renamed to can't decide whether it should live …
LICENSE.txt 19.1 KB 6428   20 years kjdon a license file
README-SVN.txt 2.4 KB 15188   15 years kjdon updated for SVN instead of CVS. README-CVS is gone, no we have README-SVN
gs3-server.bat 703 bytes 15070   16 years oranfry checking in two very simplified gs3 scripts and a grain of salt 1.1 KB 15132   16 years oranfry don't try to run java unless search4j has found it
gs3-setup.bat 2.0 KB 15363   15 years oranfry gs3-setup.bat now sets the CLASSPATH to points to single jar files … 4.3 KB 16213   15 years oranfry the minimum java for greenstone3 is still 1.4, changing this file to …
README.txt 13.4 KB 15385   15 years oranfry Made the README to \r\n line endings so it shows up nicely on all OSs 2.8 KB 15858   15 years shaoqun add a property to specify the flax checkout path
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