source: gs2-extensions/afrepo/trunk/src/packages/patches/4store.patch@ 27274

Last change on this file since 27274 was 27274, checked in by davidb, 8 years ago

4store needs to be patched to work on the version of CentOS Illinois are running on their Nema ROCKS head-node

File size: 436 bytes
  • src/frontend/

    old new  
    200200LD = @LD@
    201201LDFLAGS = @LDFLAGS@
    202202LIBOBJS = @LIBOBJS@
    203 LIBS = $(PROFILE) -lncurses -lreadline @GLIB_LIBS@ `pcre-config --libs`
     203LIBS = $(PROFILE) -lreadline -lncurses @GLIB_LIBS@ `pcre-config --libs`
    204204LIBTOOL = @LIBTOOL@
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