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1GS tools that provide similar functionality to the GDBM Edit tools but based on the TDB project (from SAMBA Project). TDB has the same API as GDBM and is designed to support parallel processor.
3=== To Install ===
5There is, unfortunately, a chicken and the egg dependency in this extension in that it requires the GSDL common library (gsdllib.a) while Greenstone can't properly compile in TDB mode unless tdb-edit is compiled first. So you end up having to configure, compile, re-configure and re-compile to get things to work. Instructions follow:
71. SVN checkout Greenstone
82. Run configure and make as usual
93. SVN checkout tdb-edit into extensions: svn co tdb-edit
104. Run ''
115. Change to top-level Greenstone directory and re-run configure
126. Change back to tdb-edit directory and run ''
137. Finally return to top-level Greenstone directory and run make and make install
15=== Static Library ===
17In certain circumstances you may find that the shared object library provided by default by TDB is not sufficient. For instance, I discovered that on a cluster using automount directories (crucially for the /share/apps directory), I was not able to compile Greenstone and have Apache run because the link to the shared library couldn't be resovled by the Apache user (as it didn't automount the correct directories). I may have been able to alter the Apache configuration to solve this, but I instead decided to compile the TDB library as static. To do so:
191. Run as usual
202. Run as usual
213. Change directory to: <tdb-edit>/packages/tdb-1.2.9/bin/default/common/
224. Execute: ar -cvq libtdb.a *.o
235. Execute: cp libtdb.a <tdb-edit>/linux/lib/
246. Change directory to: <greenstone>/runtime-src/src/recpt/
257. Edit Makefile and modify this line: EXT_LDFLAGS =
268. Edit Makefile and modify this line: EXT_LIBS = $(GSDL_DIR)/ext/tdb-edit/linux/lib/libtdb.a
279. Compile and install Greenstone
2810. Ensure the resulting executable no longer links to libtdb as a shared library: ldd <greenstone>/cgi-bin/linux/library.cgi
30=== TDB Server Configuration ===
32If using the TDBServer version you need to include a per-collection configuration file called ''tdbserver.conf'' with this information (altered as required):
34serverhost localhost
35serverport 8191
36threads 10
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