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Last change on this file since 22202 was 22202, checked in by sjm84, 13 years ago

Rather than moving greenstone libs to the mat extension folder these files now add the libs to their classpaths in their current location

  • Property svn:executable set to *
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1SET gsdlhome=..\..
2SET libraryPath=..\..\lib\jni
3SET classpath= build\classes;%gsdlhome%\web\WEB-INF\lib\cp.jar;%gsdlhome%\web\WEB-INF\classes;%gsdlhome%\lib\jni\cp.jar;lib\jfreechart.jar;lib\jcommon.jar
4java -Djava.library.path=%libraryPath% -Djava.ext.dirs="lib;." -classpath %classpath% org.greenstone.mat.CollectionChooser
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