source: gs3-extensions/structured-image/trunk@ 38255

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
bin 36919   12 months davidb Changed to it finds the selfcontained-python3 cli extension
packages 38230   2 months davidb Simplifes getting compiled up and installed
perllib 37168   11 months davidb The old style of http-greenstone:// was found to be not allowed in …
src 38236   2 months davidb Removed commented out code 264 bytes 38228   2 months davidb Fixed typo
devel.bash 1.7 KB 36247   18 months davidb initial cut at files to provide google vision api processing of images … 323 bytes 38210   2 months davidb One of the scripts to run to get everything setup/installed
README.txt 2.4 KB 38235   2 months davidb Updated details
setup.bash 1.9 KB 37122   11 months davidb Still trying to get the GSDL3EXT test right! Fixed another typo in it
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