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Working through a set of changes where config values need to be expressed in unix (URL, really) format to work with the Java programs that read in the config files

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1-Dwebswing.warLocation="@gsdl3srchomeunix@/packages/tomcat/webapps/webswing-server.war" -Dwebswing.configFile="@gsdl3srchomeunix@/web/ext/webswing/etc/webswing.config" -Dwebswing.propertiesFile="@gsdl3srchomeunix@/web/ext/webswing/etc/" -Dwebswing.tempDirBase="@gsdl3srchomeunix@/web/ext/webswing/tmp" -Dwebswing.rootDir="@gsdl3srchomeunix@/web/ext/webswing"
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