source: gs3-extensions@ 37113

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
android-ndk 26878   11 years davidb To cross-compile sed
android-war 26712   11 years davidb Chris's fix for the fact that the WAR file needs to be called …
atea-nlp-tools 36756   21 months davidb Easier way to get the autocomplete code, and put directly in the place …
atlas-src 23934   13 years sjm84 Extensive improvements to the ATLAS code
audioDB 35180   3 years davidb No longer needed here, as they have been moved into the core GS3 code base
docker 36425   22 months davidb Initial cut as some scripts and readme/notes to get started
ekit 22218   14 years sjm84 This should now also work for Windows
fedora 26435   12 years ak19 Added notes to the README on how to manually index a doc into GSearch.
gate 21050   15 years oranfry restructuring the repository
gs3build 21051   15 years oranfry restructuring the repository
gs-icecite 32054   7 years ak19 Windows friendly zip file version of the tar.gz
gsdl-as 21052   15 years oranfry restructuring the repository
hathitrust-downloadfrom 26443   12 years davidb Getting the ball rolling with a clone of the module
html-to-expeditee 26767   11 years davidb Work done on linking collection browsing frames as well as linking to …
hugin 26876   11 years davidb Patch that tweaks one file in ilmbase to help compilation on a 32-bit …
i-greenstone-server 26713   11 years davidb Latest APK version of Greenstone branded i-jetty. Includes the fix …
iiif-servlet 36999   19 months davidb Updated
jetty 25713   12 years davidb Example of how to get Greenstone3 going with Jetty
jquery-ui-extra 34841   3 years davidb Some notes on how to use this extension in a collection/interface
map-editor 32776   5 years ak19 Final version before merging with GLI
mars-src 36964   19 months davidb Experimenting with cruder version of algorithm to return k-nearest …
mat 32100   6 years kjdon just tried this and this target failed as it couldn't find …
meandre 28597   11 years davidb CGI script for loading and savimg image-data from a chromagram
openCV 29132   10 years jmt12 Ignoring expanded packages
overlay-notes 26826   11 years davidb Javascript and CSS files that provide overlay/photo notes. Originally …
pharos-imageis 21660   14 years kjdon changed a couple of comments
pharos-videois 21600   14 years davidb index each keyframe for each section
phind-html5 34928   3 years davidb Minimal amount of this file ported for now
seaweed-debug 25160   12 years sjm84 Initial cut at a version of seaweed for debugging purposes. Check it …
selfcontained-ant 36418   22 months davidb Now strictly sh compliant
selfcontained-jdk 36845   20 months davidb Fixed small typo in version number
selfcontained-mvn 36441   22 months davidb Initial set of files for getting going with Maven
selfcontained-nodejs 36900   20 months davidb Added in extra echo newline
selfcontained-python3 36780   21 months davidb Updates to get things setup and going
solr 36582   22 months davidb Reverting back to round brackets, now that GLI uses square brackets to …
structured-audio 36867   20 months davidb the result of checking out and running this extension using the new …
structured-image 37113   18 months davidb Range of updates: main one being to run in 'src' to …
testing 32740   5 years ak19 Minor change before generating release testing binary
virtualenv-python 36310   2 years davidb Starting set of files for virtual python3 extension
vishnu 21054   15 years oranfry restructuring the repository
web-audio 33548   5 years davidb Include new wavesurfer sub-project to install
webswing 36653   21 months davidb Working through a set of changes where config values need to be …
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