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Better comments explaining why and when to set the javahome, fedorahome, fedoraversion and perlpath properties.

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1# this file should be placed in the same directory as your library
2# executable file. it defines parameters that are particular to a
3# given site, and therefore should be edited to suit your site.
5# points to the GSDLHOME directory
6gsdlhome **GSDLHOME**
8# this is the http address of GSDLHOME
9# if your webservers DocumentRoot is set to $GSDLHOME
10# then httpprefix can remain commented out
11#httpprefix /gsdl
13# this is the http address of the directory which
14# contains the images for the interface.
15# if your webservers DocumentRoot is set to $GSDLHOME
16# then httpimg will be /images
17httpimg /images
19# should contain the http address of this cgi script. This
20# is not needed if the http server sets the environment variable
22#gwcgi /cgi-bin/library
24# maxrequests is the most requests a fastcgi process
25# will serve before it exits. This can be set to a
26# low figure (like 1) while debugging and then set
27# to a high figure (like 10000) when everything is
28# working well.
29maxrequests 10000
31# If the GLIServer will be used to run the Fedora Librarian
32# Interface (FLI), set FEDORA_VERSION (the major version number
33# of Fedora) and set FEDORA_HOME to be the full path to your
34# Fedora installation.
35# Setting fedorahome and fedoraversion here will overwrite the
36# environment variables FEDORA_HOME and FEDORA_VERSION if set.
37#fedorahome /full/path/to/fedora
38#fedoraversion 3
40# If JAVA_HOME is set, setting the following will overwrite it.
41# If using Greenstone 2's GLIServer to run the Fedora Librarian
42# Interface (FLI), then you need to set the full path to
43# JAVA_HOME either below or as an environment variable.
44#javahome /full/path/to/j2sdk1.4/or/higher
46# If Perl is not already on your PATH, set the following to the
47# full path of the perl bin directory (Perl's parent folder)
48# and it will be prepended to the PATH.
49#perlpath /usr/bin
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