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Changes to Server.jar and affected files to add address_resolution options. 1. and have a host property where the host as specified or resolved from IP is stored. 2. changed to set AllowFrom value to either the host specified OR to All if allow from all is checked in the GSI dialog. 3. New string properties added to for the updated GSI dialog for GS2. 4. updated so that the logger now can write to the console as well as the logfile specified (server.log in this case). At present only ERROR messages written to the logger are displayed in the console as well as logger message types that are higher up in the log4j hierarchy. 5. Server.jar updated after the changes to the GS3 server code (recompiled with Java 5).

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1#greenstone.version=Version 2-trunk
2Server2Settings.Port=Apache port:
3Server2Settings.URL=Library URL prefix:
4Server2Settings.ExternalAccess=Allow external connections
5Server2Settings.ResolveIP=Get local IP and resolve to a name
6Server2Settings.LocalIP=Get local IP
7Server2Settings.AlwaysUse=Always use
8Server2Control.Version=Version 2-trunk
9Server2Control.Title=Greenstone 2 Digital Library
11#greenstone.version=Version 3.2
12Server3Settings.Port=Tomcat port:
14Server3Control.Version=Version 3-trunk
15Server3Control.Title=Greenstone3 Digital Library
17ServerSettings.Title=Server settings
18ServerSettings.Auto_Start=Enter the library automatically
21ServerSettings.DefaultBrowser=Default browser
22ServerSettings.OtherBrowser=Other browser
23ServerSettings.ChooseBrowser=Enter library using:
25ServerSettings.SettingChanged=The new settings will be available after the server has been restarted
27ServerControl.EnterLibrary=Enter Library
28ServerControl.RestartLibrary=Restart Library
29ServerControl.StartServer=Start Server
30ServerControl.Frame_Title=Greenstone Server
31ServerControl.Help_RestartLibrary=Press the 'Restart Library' button to restart the server, launch a browser and enter the library.\nYou can change server settings from the File menu.
32ServerControl.Help_EnterLibrary=Press the 'Enter Library' button to launch a browser and enter the library.\nYou can change server settings from the File menu.
33ServerControl.Starting=Starting server...
34ServerControl.Configuring=Configuring server...
35ServerControl.Stopping=Stopping server...
36ServerControl.LaunchingBrowser=Launching browser...
37ServerControl.LaunchBrowser=Launch browser
41ServerControl.Error={0} failed, please check server.log in {1} for details.
42ServerControl.Failed={0} failed
43ServerControl.Success={0} success
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