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1This directory and its subdirectories contain .ump mapping files for
2converting various character encodings to and from unicode.
4To generate .ump files use a command like " -encoding
5encodingname -mapfile textmapfile" where encodingname becomes the filename
6of the two new .ump files and textmapfile is a plain text file containing a
7tab separated list of the form:
80x8167 0x201C
9where the first column is the hexadecimal value of the encoded character
10and the second is the hexadecimal value of it's unicode equivalent.
14The following .ump files were generated from their corresponding Microsoft
15codepages. These codepages do, in some cases, differ very slightly from the
16standards they were based on but we've used them anyway as they're so
17extensively used on the web.
19* gbk.ump: Simplified Chinese - generated from Microsoft's codepage 936
20* shiftjis.ump: Japanese - generated from Microsoft's codepage 932
21* uhc.ump: UHC Korean - generated from Microsoft's codepage 949
22* big5.ump: Traditional Chinese - generated from Microsoft's codepage 950
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