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1wget - web site mirroring software
3This directory contains a version of the GNU wget program that was written by
4Hrvoje Niksic and others and distributed under the GNU General Public Licence
6The GNU wget homepage is
8A couple of very small changes were made to this package by Stefan Boddie
9([email protected]). The USE_STDARG preprocessor definition was
10added to the VC++ makefile as it appeared to need it to compile on either
11VC++ 4.2 or VC++ 6.0. A change was also made to prevent backslashes from
12mistakenly being converted to "@5c" on windows.
142003/11/27 - [email protected] made a few more small changes to fix
15h_errno bug preventing code from compiling on latest versions of GCC.
172004/06/30 - [email protected] replaced version 1.5.3 with version 1.9.
18It compiled as is under Windows XP, using VC++ 6.0, under Linux using GCC 3.2.3
19and GCC 2.95.3. So I haven't made any changes.
20Under Windows, I haven't compiled it with openssl, so it doesn't support
21https://. OpenSSL comes with a warning about it being illegal in some countries
22to distribute cryptographic technology, so I haven't used it. Look at
23wget-1.9/windows/README for Windows compiling instructions if you want to add
24it in.
262008/07/03 - [email protected] replaced version 1.9 with version 1.11.4.
27Version 1.9 didn't compile statically with the new libraries which come with
28fedora, so upgrading. Had to apply the patch at
29 to get it to compile under
30windows(VC++ 6.0), and those changes are in the tar.gz file in the repository.
31Again, no ssl in windows wget. The packages/configure and packages/Makefile
32files perform the same operations on wget as before, just the directory name
33has changed from wget/wget-1.9 to wget/wget-1.11.4.
362013/01/09 - [email protected] Make minor change to src/ so the code compiles under minGW cross-compiler running on Linux
37diff -r wget-1.13.4/src/ wget-1.13.4.MINGW/src/
40> ifeq ($(GSDLOS),windows)
41> # Compiling wget with MinGW
43> LIBS += -lws2_32
44> endif
472013/01/29 - [email protected] added some #ifdef __ANDROID__ blocks into src/util.c to cope with the fact that this OS lacks localeconv()
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