source: main/trunk/greenstone2/collect/modelcol/etc/collect.cfg@ 24297

Last change on this file since 24297 was 24297, checked in by ak19, 12 years ago

Improvement to code committed previously: Fixed a bug introduced with the reset-gsdlhome target where any non-standard collecthome value written into the gsdlsite.cfg was lost on startup, since reset-gsdlhome always regenerated gsdlsite.cfg from the template file. Now, the relocation code of the reset-gsdlhome target doesn't get exected every time, only when the gsdlhome property in gsdlsite.cfg is different from GSDLHOME var (which points to the current greenstone installation directory.)

  • Property svn:executable set to *
  • Property svn:keywords set to Author Date Id Revision
File size: 762 bytes
[588]1creator **creator**
2maintainer **maintainer**
3public **public**
[22032]5buildtype **buildtype**
6infodbtype **infodbtype**
[24297]8indexes text dc.Title,ex.dc.Title,ex.Title ex.Source
[12100]9defaultindex text
11levels document
[20871]15classify List -metadata dc.Title;ex.Title -partition_type_within_level approximate_size
16classify List -metadata ex.Source -partition_type_within_level approximate_size
[1159]18collectionmeta collectionname "**title**"
19collectionmeta iconcollection ""
20collectionmeta collectionextra "**about**"
[18886]21collectionmeta .text "_labeltext_"
[24297]22collectionmeta .dc.Title,ex.dc.Title,ex.Title "_labelTitle_"
[22353]23collectionmeta .Source "_labelSource_"
[18886]24collectionmeta .document "_textdocument_"
25collectionmeta .section "_textsection_"
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