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Server code updated yesterday (server.jar regenerated): Better way to ensure that the port is not arbitrarily modified. This bypasses the need to turn on the Do Not Modify Port server setting option by default, which then bypasses the need to make 8282 the default port for GS2 (which would have been necessary since the old GS2 default port of 80 would not have coped well with the Do Not Modify Port switch turned on by default).

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1#greenstone.version=Version 2-trunk
2Server2Settings.Port=Apache port:
3Server2Settings.URL=Library URL prefix:
4Server2Settings.ExternalAccess=Allow external connections
5Server2Settings.AddressResolutionMethod=Address resolution method
6Server2Settings.ResolveIP=Get local IP and resolve to a name
7Server2Settings.LocalIP=Get local IP
8Server2Settings.AlwaysUse=Always use
9Server2Control.Version=Version 2-trunk
10Server2Control.Title=Greenstone 2 Digital Library
12#greenstone.version=Version 3.2
13Server3Settings.Port=Tomcat port:
15Server3Control.Version=Version 3-trunk
16Server3Control.Title=Greenstone3 Digital Library
18ServerSettings.Title=Server settings
19ServerSettings.Auto_Start=Enter the library automatically on startup
20ServerSettings.Keep_Port=Do not modify port
23ServerSettings.DefaultBrowser=Default browser
24ServerSettings.OtherBrowser=Other browser
25ServerSettings.ChooseBrowser=Enter library using:
27ServerSettings.SettingChanged=The new settings will be available when you press Enter Library/Restart Library.
29ServerControl.EnterLibrary=Enter Library
30ServerControl.RestartLibrary=Restart Library
31ServerControl.StartServer=Start Server
32ServerControl.Frame_Title=Greenstone Server
33ServerControl.Help_RestartLibrary=Press the 'Restart Library' button to restart the server, launch a browser and enter the library.\nYou can change server settings from the File menu.
34ServerControl.Help_EnterLibrary=Press the 'Enter Library' button to launch a browser and enter the library.\nYou can change server settings from the File menu.
35ServerControl.BrowserLaunchFailed=The web browser could not be launched.<br>Please visit the following URL in a browser:<br><b>{0}</b>
36ServerControl.BrowserLaunched=Launched browser with URL:<br>{0}<br><br>
37ServerControl.Starting=Starting server...
38ServerControl.Configuring=Configuring server...
39ServerControl.Stopping=Stopping server...
40ServerControl.LaunchingBrowser=Launching browser...
41ServerControl.LaunchBrowser=Launch browser
45ServerControl.Error={0} failed, please check server.log in {1} for details.
46ServerControl.Failed={0} failed
47ServerControl.Success={0} success
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