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new toOID takes an extra arg, repos_id, so its generates ids like oai:repos-id:collname:doc-id. old version is still used for set spec ids which remain like demo:CL5. another method to extrac the collection name from a full id

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2#ifndef _OAITOOLS_H_
3#define _OAITOOLS_H_
5#include "text_t.h"
6#include "receptionist.h"
8class oaiclassifier {
9 public:
10 static text_t getGSDL_OID(const text_t &collection, const text_t& oai_id, recptproto *protocol,
11 ostream &logout);
12 static void toOAI(const text_t &collection, text_t &classifier);
13 static void toOAI(const text_t repos_id, const text_t &collection, text_t &classifier);
14 static void toGSDL(text_t &collection, text_t &classifier);
15 static void getCollectionFromOAIID(const text_t oai_id, text_t &collection_id);
16 private:
17 static void swapColonsAndPeriods(text_t &classifier);
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