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2 <head>
3 <title>Entrance to English Garden</title>
4 <meta name="longitude" content="175.3033258" />
5 <meta name="latitude" content="-37.8066596" />
6 <meta name="radius" content="0.007" />
7 </head>
8 <body>
10 <p>
11Now we jump fast forward into the late 1800's; maybe early 20th Century and into England. There was a kind of back to nature type drive happening in response to all the industrialisation and things that was happening in England at the time.
12What we've done here is we've taken three classic kind of garden designs, all based on layouts that were done by Gertrude Jekyll and her friend Lutyen. There is a long border, the collector's garden and a white garden.
14 </body>
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