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2 <head>
3 <title>Indian Garden</title>
4 <meta name="longitude" content="175.30317334" />
5 <meta name="latitude" content="-37.80688375" />
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8 <body>
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11The story behind this Indian garden is that we call it the Indian Shaba garden but it's really Persian. So the Persians came from Mongolia; conquered a whole lot of Asia and Western Europe and then settled down in Persia. After a few generations the Persians went eastwards and conquered a lot of northern Indian. They had come from a really dry, arid mountainous region; so for them, water and irrigation was really, really important, and you didn't waste it on big massive fountains. It was going to be really subtle, and it was going to serve the purpose of irrigation as well. By the time they had conquered India, the terrain was a lot flatter and water was a lot more plentiful, but they retained these kind of subtle elements. So there are irrigation channels and little bubbly fountains and water rills. So it's a classic case of something that started off as a design necessity; A couple of centuries later it was like a design exhibit; it's no longer necessary but people use it anyway.
13 </body>
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