This is our newest garden and its consequently the one that we feel most proud of. It's called Te Parapara. Te Parapara is a traditional Maori garden of a kind. It's not a recreation of existing or historical Maori gardens as much as the Paradise gardens are, but it is much more of a narrative garden. It basically tells a story of the establishment of cultivated food crops in New Zealand.

The story begins at the gate; which represents the landing of Tainui waka in New Zealand in a kind of landfall. On the right hand side after the gate there is a pomaderris Tainui tree, big and tall. On the left is a little Pohutekawa tree. The Pohutukawa represents the tree that the Tainui waka was tied to when it first was landed at Tawhia. The Pomaderris represents the floor boards, and in the story of the landing of Tainui, the floor boards took root. We know that this is mythical because pomaderris was native.