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2 <head>
3 <title>Tree, Rock and Bridge</title>
4 <meta name="longitude" content="175.3039148" />
5 <meta name="latitude" content="-37.80675698" />
6 <meta name="radius" content="0.004" />
7 </head>
8 <body>
9 <img width="200" align="right" src="5058938325_85bc3bd70c_z.jpg" />
10 <p>
11The rock in the enclosure there came from the bottom of Lake Taihu in China. It got shipped over here. The gardeners put a different bonsai three there every month.
12 The bridge is not straight to stop the dragons coming across it. They're also dragon shapes represented on the top of those walls. In this garden you can see plants native to china. For the Chinese certain plants had strong associations. For example, the bamboo represented uprightness and strength.
14 </body>
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