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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
atea 35714   7 months cstephen Add macroniser scaffolding. Update translations.
atea-deprecated-i 34327   21 months davidb Giving version a more consistent (deprecated) name
atea-deprecated-ii 34326   21 months davidb Deprecating this version to make way for a fresh start that fits in …
cambridge-museum 34483   19 months davidb Initial cut at files for Cambridge Museum project interface: jquery-ui …
dlfm 29894   7 years davidb First cut at interface for use by musicologists (dlfm)
eurovision-lod 35147   13 months davidb Set a default background to body tag to be deep-magenta
heritage-nz 34095   2 years davidb CSS tweaks to heritage-nz inteface
mars 34412   21 months davidb Introduction of using HPCP WaveSurfer plugin
opotiki 34313   22 months ak19 Correcting XSL to not add classifiers that are empty.
respooled 29862   7 years davidb Funk interface for video popup respooled project
whakatohea 33864   2 years davidb Changes to make the Whakatohea banner narrower
wmtb 35281   10 months anupama When the iframe height=100vh change on weebly finally got published, …
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